2018 Poster Session RFP

The Western Museums Association (WMA) is pleased to accept Poster Session Proposals for the 2018 Annual Meeting to be held in Tacoma, WA from October 21-24, 2018. 


WMA’s aims to foster inclusion and leadership, and in that spirit the WMA announces the official Request for Proposals for the 2018 Poster Session. The goal of the Poster Session is to showcase how museums INSPIRE—the theme of WMA 2018 Annual Meeting— by making a positive impact in their communities. The Poster Session is an opportunity to obtain new insights, share ideas and projects, and network with museum colleagues in an informal setting.


To submit a proposal, please download the 2018 Poster Session Proposal Form and send it to proposals@westmuse.org.

The deadline for 2018 Poster Session Proposals is June 1, 2018.


Purpose of the Poster Session

  1. To engage in dialogue with colleagues about some of the most current work in our field;
  2. To encourage emerging museum professionals and other new presenters to share their work;
  3. To showcase projects and research currently being undertaken in and for museums; and,
  4. To encourage museum professionals to seek principles that can guide efforts to improve practice.

Who Can Submit a Proposal

The WMA is dedicated to serving museums and museum professionals in the West by providing vision, enrichment, intellectual challenge, and a forum for communication and interaction. Submissions are invited from the following:

  1. Post-secondary students and faculty in museum studies, public history, and / or related fields who have completed significant or promising work on museum-based projects or research;
  2. Emerging museum professionals with less than five years of experience in the museum field; and,
  3. Staff and consultants working in or with museums on new work.


Each presenter will prepare a poster, handouts and other materials as relevant, and conference attendees will be invited to walk from display to display, read the posters and other materials, and interact with the presenters. Poster sizes should be between 20”x25” to 30”x42” inches, and there will be easels to stand them on.

Presenters must be available to answer questions and talk about their projects/research on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 (posters will be available throughout the day in the Exhibit Hall). Presenters must be knowledgeable about the projects/research study. If accepted, presenters will be sent guidelines for content, format, and delivery of materials.

Submitting a Poster Presentation Proposal

To submit a proposal, please download the 2018 Poster Session Proposal Form and send it to proposals@westmuse.org by June 1, 2018.