Hawaii 2011

By: Nicole Nathan
Planning for a new collections space whether by remodeling or building a new space is complicated. Reconfiguring permanent and temporary collections spaces (storage, workrooms, processing, exhibits) requires a holistic approach and participation from collections, facilities, curatorial staff, and architects. What does the process include? How does one effectively communicate...
One of the many well received sessions at WMA 2011 in Hawaii was Models of Collaboration. Below is the list of Presenters, description from the Program, and Rory Ruppert's PowerPoint. Many thanks to Rory for letting us share it here.

Berit Ness, Program Coordinator, Washington Art Consortium
Adrienne McGraw, Executive Director, Exhibit Envoy
Rory Ruppert, Director of Environmental...
By James G. Leventhal
This year's Western Museum's Association annual meeting was a visceral reminder of the importance of our work as museum professionals. The WMA meeting was singularly inspiring, nourishing even.
It was soul food fueling the good work we deliver to the audiences we serve and the missions we uphold. WMA Hawaii 2011 was a celebration of a widespread, international cohort of...

If you didn't see it, Dr Manulani Aluli Meyer - this years Opening Keynote Speaker - provided us with the entire text of her amazing talk.
Were you a Presenter at WMA 2011 in Hawaii? Do you want to share your PowerPoint, text of your speech, or a recap of your session?
We would love to put it up here at the WestMuse blog, and...
By: Jean Nels
I sit here reminiscing that just a week ago I was in Hawaii at the WMA Annual Meeting.  As a first time attendee, I had many high expectations about the knowledge I would gain and the information I would bring back to my small museum in Mount Shasta, California - the Sisson Museum. I am happy to say that many of my expectations were met and I can sense many ways for my museum to...
Our Collective Remembering: Five (K)new Ideas for World Transformation
Manulani Aluli Meyer, Ed.D.
Summary of a talk given at: Western Museums Association Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii: September 23-26, 2011
Truth is the highest goal, and aloha is the greatest truth.
Hale Makua
It is early morning. Candles are on and quiet music tip-toes in pre-dawn solitude.  Here is a space...
By: Louise Yokoi

With the start of the WMA 2011 conference in a few days, I’m making a list of items I need for the trip to Hawai’i: beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen, and of course, my tool belt. Like me, you’ve probably put it on your packing list or in your suitcase already. Your tool belt contains all of the successful strategies, engaging ideas, and useful suggestions you have assembled...

Co chairing the program committee for the Hawaii meeting has been very rewarding, and we are looking forward to an amazing conference. The final version of the PROGRAM has just been posted. Check it now for your pre-conference workshop locations and for all the latest details on sessions and events. The conference promises to be a good one this year and we really looking...
By: Jason B. Jones

Are you active on social media, and looking for ways to participate in WMA 2011? Two easy ways to are posting photos from the conference on WMA’s Facebook Wall, and use #wma2011 and @westmuse on Twitter.
Do you have more than 140 characters worth? Maybe you want to live blog from Hawaii on the WestMuse blog? Contact me at wma.membership@gmail.com.
If you will only be at the...

Check out the awesome street banners that we be outside the Hawaii Convention Center during the Annual Meeting!
What a great welcome to what is going to a be great conference. Mahalo, Honolulu!
The double-sided banners will be hung on 8 street poles fronting the Convention Center.
Make sure to check the banners out when you arrive next week!


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