Exhibit Critique: Alberta Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre

  • Saturday, September 23
  • 1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Lacombe Room


Al Chapman, Manager, Visitor Services, , Barbara Hilden, Exhibits Coordinator, Alberta Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre
Anne Rowe, Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Sunnylands Center & Gardens
John Siraco, Detail Manager, Kubik Co
Keni Sturgeon, Director, Science & Education, Pacific Science Centre
Wendy Meluch, Evaluation Consultant, Visitorstudies.com.


Redmond J Barnett, Historian and Museum Consultant


  • Visitor Experience
This session will investigate current best practices and choices made in creating exhibitions. This year, participants will examine the galleries at the Alberta Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre, the host of the Thursday Evening Event. Three professionals, the exhibit team, and the audience will explore how exhibit techniques can promote civic engagement.