The Challenges of Leadership: Working with Governing Bodies

  • Tuesday, October 27
  • 8:30am–9:45am, Concurrent Sessions
  • Cupertino


James Tharp, Trustee, Telluride Historical Museum and Past President, Museum of Moab
Julie Stein, Executive Director, Burke Museum
James Pepper Henry, Executive Director, Gilcrease Museum


Aldona Jonaitis, Director, University of Alaska Museum of the North


  • Leadership/Careerpath

Once museum professionals become upper-level administrators, they might imagine they finally have autonomy as well as authority. In truth, a director always must report to some other governing body, which can limit independent action however brilliantly conceived. The challenge is to make the relationship with a governing body positive and collegial, especially in terms of areas of responsibility. In this session, speakers share their experiences working with boards of trustees, college administrators, and governmental agencies.