Creating New Spaces within Museums for Experimentation and Innovation


Emily Izzo, ACME and Visitor Experience Coordinator, Utah Museum of Fine Arts; Kim Verrier, Coordinator of Visitor Experience, Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery


Jorge Rojas, Director of Education & Engagement, Utah Museum of Fine Arts


  • Community Engagement, Visitor Experience

In this session, two organizations will present programs aimed at increasing and rethinking community engagement. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is in its first year of prototyping a new initiative, ACME (Art / Community / Museum / Education), to create an inclusive space for innovation and ideation. ACME is both a physical space for art experimentation and an ongoing series of public dialogues. Over the past few years, the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery began piloting programs led by community members that engage diverse communities, including new immigrants and refugees, the Indigenous community, young moms and toddlers, Pride groups, and beyond.