A Critical Eye on Museum Studies

  • Wednesday, October 8th
  • 10:45am-12:00pm, Concurrent Sessions


Richard Toon, PhD, Associate Research Professor, Director Museums and Museum Studies, Arizona State University
Adrienne McGraw, Museum Studies Program Chair, John F. Kennedy University
Adrien Mooney, Registrar, Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Terri Leong, Staffing Administrator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


  • Leadership/Careerpath

What’s the status of Museum Studies? The answer is complex, nuanced, and becoming increasingly charged. Museum professionals and enthusiasts seeking a degree have their choice of programs. But what academic standards and methods of accountability are in place? What is the balance between theory and practice? Are there too many programs? Not enough jobs? Are graduates prepared to forge a new vision of museum relevancy? We all need these answers, so join in this critical conversation.


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