Curating and Caring for the Conceptual

  • Tuesday, October 27
  • 3:15pm–4:30pm, Concurrent Session
  • Cupertino


Stephanie Cannizzo, MA, Curator, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Jill Sterrett, MA, Director of Collections and Conservation, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Jennifer Brandon, MFA, Visiting Professor, Department of Art, Mills College


Beth Dungan, PhD, Independent Scholar


  • Collections, Visitor Experience

There is a telephone on the gallery wall. Is it an artwork? Apparently so, because the label instructs you to answer if it rings. When you do, you find yourself speaking to the artist, the renowned Yoko Ono, calling in from wherever she happens to be in the world. Through the perspectives of a curator, archivist, conservator, and artist, this panel explores the challenges of exhibiting, collecting, and caring for such conceptual art.