Decolonizing the San Diego Museum of Man: a Case Study of Indigenous Voice and Authority in the Reimagined Museum


Michael Connolly Miskwish, Project Director, Naka Shin
George Ramirez, Chair, Board of Trustees, San Diego Museum of Man
Kelly Hyberger, Director of Collections, San Diego Museum of Man
Lael Hoff, Collections Manager, San Diego Museum of Man


Ben Garcia, Deputy Director, San Diego Museum of Man


  • Community Engagement, Indigenous

Undoing the legacy of colonialism in museums is complicated but essential work. Decolonizing challenges a fundamental assumption: that museums are neutral and beneficent stewards of biological and cultural material. The San Diego Museum of Man is moving toward an institutional position of decolonization, and grappling with implications across our functions. Join representatives from the board, staff and a Kumeyaay partner organization for a discussion of this initiative and its impact.