The Eagle’s Eye View: A Conversation Exploring the Cultural Landscape of Tribal Museums and Cultural Centres


Chief Cameron Alexis, Treaty Six Representative; Shirley Jackson, Director, Huhugam Heritage Center; Charlene Krise, Director, Squaxin Island Research Centre and Museum


Gena Timberman, Principal, Luksi Group


  • Community Engagement, Indigenous, Leadership/Careerpath

All across the continent, tribes have sparked a Renaissance across Indian Country in sharing their stories, celebrating their cultures, and developing dynamic and immersive cultural destinations that serve their people and encourage the world to explore. Please join in the dialogue by sharing the new developments, observations and partnerships that are emerging “from the bird’s – or eagle’s – eye view” across this exciting cultural landscape. Expect to come away from this session with a list of

Tribal / Indigenous museums and cultural / heritage centers in the AMA and WMA regions and an understanding of perspective of Indigenous voices and those serving Indigenous People.