Is Including Sex an Exhibition or Exhibitionism?


Christy Bills, Invertebrate Collections Manager, Natural History Museum of Utah; Paul Gabriel, Learning Specialist, Independent; Tom Long, Public Interpretation Coordinator, Fort Edmonton Park; Anthony Worman, Curator, Military and Political History, Roya


Kyla Tichkowsky, Teen & Youth Programs Coordinator, Royal Alberta Museum


  • Community Engagement, Visitor Experience

Do topics of sex, sexuality, and gender have to turn exhibitions into exhibitionism, or incite feelings of queerness and queasiness? What drives assumptions about these issues, and how might that lead us to censor core aspects of our collections, our exhibitions, our facilities, our staff, and our visitors? Come join this Westinar, a seminar-style discussion, as colleagues from across the border and various types

of museums specialties stimulate a conversation about how to embrace these parts of our biology, cultures, and identities without shame.