Intern Docent

Company Name: 

Soldotna Historical Society & Museum


461 Centennial Park Road
Soldotna, AK 99669

Contact Name: 

Benjamin T Phelps




Job Description: 




Job Title:                   Museum Docent


Objective:                To advance the educational mission of the Soldotna Historical Society & Museum by conducting tours and providing historical and educational information for the general public (children, adults, families).


Job Description:     Docents conduct guided tours of the Museum for visitors, travel groups, and students. utilizing the techniques of dialogue, inquiry and storytelling.  Docents assist in the development of displays and accessioning when time allows.  Docent will also oversee any interns and volunteers working at the Museum


Training:                   If the Docent is a new hire, the Board of Directors will provide a past Docent or Volunteer to be there when the museum opens in May to help with training and to provide a consistent message about the Museum.


Characteristics:      Docents must be enthusiastic, cheerful and willing to learn. They should have an interest in working with people, especially students. Experience or education in history or teaching can be helpful, although not required.


Supervision:             A Docent at the Soldotna Museum must have the ability to work independently and be self-motivated.  The Docent’s direct supervisor will be the President of the Museum board of Directors.