Operations Manager

Company Name: 

Limon Train Ride and Heritage Society


701 1st Street
PO Box 341
Limon, CO 80828

Contact Name: 

Scott Vratil





Job Description: 

Title: Operations Manager


  1. Have an appreciation of the Colorado history specifically the Eastern Plains
  2. Be willing to learn the history specific of the Limon area but not limited to Lincoln County
  3. Have a vision for the display of artifacts collectibles and other Museum items as to tell a story
  4. Understand we are a non-profit business and must be operated accordingly and adhere to nonprofit tax laws
  5. Appreciate all volunteers and be willing to work with each and every one of them
  6. Pass a criminal background check
  7. Efficient in computer skills

Brief Description:

Performance Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  1. Oversee daily operations of Limon Heritage Museum
  2. Check emails often and respond accordingly:
    1. Make hard copies with important information and file
  3. Promote by way of current website and other internet sites as well as printed publications such as local paper, AAA, etc.
    1. Serve as a spoke’s person and advocate for LHM
  4. Fund raising
  5. Active role in Community functions
  6. Represent the LHM at Chamber of Commerce meeting and functions as well as Lincoln County Tourism meetings
  7. Keep ECCOG current
  8. Be diligent at record keeping
    1. Keep current filing system up to date
    2. Accession of gift items
    3. Keep insurance policies current
    4. Make sure tax returns are completed by accountant in a timely fashion as well as 501(c)(3) etc.
    5. Assist with Audit for State of Colorado Charitable Contributions
    6. Stay on top of building and exhibit repairs and maintenance. This includes security system

Terms of Employment:

  1. Salary will be set by the LHM Board
  2. No benefits are available at this time. Negotiable.
  3. Daily schedule non-standard hours, generally 9-4 Monday through Friday, with extended hours on special occasions
  4. Vacation included
  5. Sick leave will be determined by Board
  6. Evaluations will be conducted yearly by the Board
  7. Museum is a drug free environment
  8. Museum expects professional dress, confidentiality, and maintaining a good public image

Important promotions of LHM such as but not limited to:

  1. Opening Day
  2. 4th of July
  3. Heritage Days
  4. Gala
  5. Christmas
  6. Any other events that will promote the museum


  1. Prepare monthly agenda for Board meeting
  2. Prepare Annual Fund letter
  3. Prepare Membership Drive
  4. Prepare Memorial Brick Order
  5. Receive gifts
  6. Be a guide at either Museum or depot for 1st shift each week
  7. Attend conventions and appropriate professional meetings