Westinar 2016: Learning Without Borders


Tiffani Egnor, Curator of Education, Chandler Museum
Lori Rubino-Hare, Professional Development Coordinator, Northern Arizona University Center for Science Teaching and Learning
Kathy Husser, Adult Services Coordinator, Phoenix Public Library
Greg Lehman, Chairman, ASU Art Museum Board
Alison Stoltman, Educational Specialist,Arizona Museum of Natural History


Paul Gabriel, Educational Consultant/Educational Therapist


  • Community Engagement, Visitor Experience

Museums typically use the language of wonder and curiosity to describe their purpose, sometimes to the exclusion of formal education. But are learning and meaning-making actually exclusive of one another? Are we missing opportunities to contribute to, and benefit from, critical conversations about the educational needs of the communities we belong to? Join this Westinar that crosses boundaries of interpretation, leadership, and community engagement, as presenters from museums, K-12 schools, business, funders, and public libraries dive into a dialogue about who and what we are here for. #diggingdeeper