By Adam Rozan

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Construction is a fixed presence across the American museum landscape.  Our visitors have grown accustomed to seeing it.  However, the greatest renovations occurring have little to do with brick and mortar projects, but rather the varying degrees of change in visitor-focused services, program offerings, and promotion-oriented thinking...

By Lydia Johnson
I got an email from Stephanie Weaver last week:
Tech Talks are in! Monday, October 18 in Portland, Oregon.
Stephanie is coordinating The Tech Talks (formerly Tech Lab) at WMA's annual conference later this year, and asked me to participate.  I live in Silicon Valley, so I see and hear about the cutting edge of technology every day.  In fact, the business section in our local...
By Jason B. Jones
As a graduate student in the San Francisco Bay Area, revolution is familiar territory. Ideas of changing the world permeate the culture of the Bay. At the John F. Kennedy University’s Berkeley Campus, on Saturday April 10, 2010, the Department of Museum Studies hosted a colloquium: Museums in a Troubled World.
Dr. Robert R. Janes discussed his recent book Museums in a Troubled...
by Allyson Lazar
Handouts from the Museum Trustee Association

Bright and early last Wednesday morning I sat in on a session on Director/Board Relations at the annual WMA conference, moderated by Jim McCreight, President of the Museum Trustee Association. His panelists were Mo King, Immediate Past Chair of the Mingei International Museum in San Diego and Derrick Cartwright, formerly the Director...


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