Tribal Collections Manager

Company Name: 

Spokane Tribe of Indians Preservation Program


P.O. Box 206
Wellpinit, WA 99040

Contact Name: 

Sabrina McCoy




Job Description: 


Spokane Tribe of Indians

Collections Manager

SUMMARY:  The collections manager is under the direct supervision of the Preservation Manager. Responsible for the day-to-day management, supervision, and curation of tribal and federally owned collections, associated records, photographs, and other archival materials received and held at the STI collections repository.  This position will have daily supervision over the assistant collections manager.


  1. Protection and preservation of collections objects
  2. Maintains and updates collections database and software
  3. Monitor, record, and troubleshoot environmental data (% RH, temperature, dust and gaseous pollution on a daily basis
  4. Oversee/supervise Collections Assistant
  5. Inspects and records the conditions of objects
  6. Facilitates the annual physical inventory of all objects as per Bureau of Reclamation policies and procedures
  7. Participates in information gathering for the collections management report due at the end of the year, as one of the BPA/BOR management tasks (task numbers will change each fiscal year)
  8. Compiles data for quarterly and annual program deliverables
  9. Administers loan and gift agreements and associated correspondence
  10. Directs and tracks internal object movement and object handling for loaned and permanent collections
  11. Assists/monitors researchers and contractors in the collections storage area
  12. Plans and executes collections care, and minimal facility management for the collections building
  13. Supervises and trains staff on collections procedures
  14. Assists with background historical research for on/off reservation projects
  15. Assisting archaeology staff with collection of artifacts in the field as needed
  16. Assists with other projects/duties as needed

 Specific technical requirements:

1.      Working knowledge of standard museum collections management practices and procedures, including object handling and cataloguing

2.      Experience using collections database, especially Re-discovery Proficio, and digital imaging equipment and photography techniques

3.      Experience with audio/visual collections

4.      Communication and organizational skills to oversee and implement programs that work with individuals, local, state, and federal organizations

  1. Able to work in various weather conditions; must be able to hike to remote sites if needed

6.      Proficient with personal computers and associated software (e.g. Microsoft Office, social media, collections databases)


  • Bachelor's degree in museum studies (collections management focus preferred)
  • 2 years experience working with collections (Native American artifacts, historical artifacts) and  managing collections in a museum setting (tribal repository experience preferred)
  • Valid Driver’s License 
    Applications Are Available At the Tribal Human Resources Department

    P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA  99040

    OR, can be downloaded from our website:

    Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Andrea Flett

    (509) 458-6583 or (509) 458-6527

       Fax: (509) 458-6556

    E-mail: or  

    Applications Must Be Received In The Human Resources Department

    By 4:30 p.m. On The Closing Date

    The Spokane Tribe Reserves The Right To Hire According

    To Its Indian Preference Policy

    All Applicants May Be Subject To A Pre-Employment Drug Test

    All Positions With The Tribe Are Subject To A 90-Day Orientation Period