September 2020

Calling All Educators! Museums of the West Get Creative with Online Educational Resources & Programming

Western_Museum_Edu_Blog_Post.jpgThis fall, educators are working harder than ever to meet the needs and provide critical support to their learners. Whether using traditional in-person classrooms, virtual or hybrid-learning models, teachers are in need of tools, guidance, and resources.

A great place to start is at a museum.

Bringing Back the Postcard #WestMuseMail

2020 has certainly been a year like no other. For the Western Museums Association (WMA), this year has meant the postponement of the 2020 Annual Meeting, which was to be held in Portland, Oregon from October 8th-11th.

We realize, although we won’t be gathering in-person this fall, there are still various ways in which we – the WMA and greater museum community – can collectively come together and virtually communicate, share ideas, and support one another while we continue to stay safely apart.