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What's everyone talking about this week? What are we discussing next? What did you miss?

Here, you'll find a list of pertinent, upcoming webinars and previously recorded shows. Presented by key industry experts and organizations, these webinars and events are definitely worth checking out.



Tune in June for...

Module 3 – Technical Workshop 2: How to Build a Digitization Project – Museum Learning Hub, Tuesday, June 22 @ 11am PT

Sins of Omission: Addressing the Legacy of the Oregon Historical Society as a Pioneer Memorial Association – OMA, Wednesday, June 23 @ 11am PT

Natural History Education DemoCamp – SPNHC, Monday June 28 & Tuesday, June 29 @ 8am PT

Module 3 – Technical Workshop 3: Imaging Standards and Logistics in Digitization Projects – Museum Learning Hub, Tuesday, June 29 @ 11am PT

Cultivating the Employee Life Cycle – AASLH, Tuesday, June 29 @ 12pm PT



In case you missed out, here are some webinar recordings worth checking out.

WMA & Museum Learning Hub Webinars

Museums Are Not Neutral Keynote Webinar – WMA, BCMA, La Tanya S. Autry, & Mike Murawski

Module 1: Digital Accessibility – Intro Session: Get Inspired – Museum Learning Hub (MLH)

Module 1 – Technical Workshop 1: Intro to Digital Accessibility and Inclusion – MLH

Module 1 – Technical Workshop 2: Live/Streamed Program Accessibility – MLH

Module 1 – Technical Workshop 3: Accessibility in Digital Collections – MLH

Module 2: Live Streaming – Intro Session: Get Inspired – MLH

Module 2 – Technical Workshop 1: Intro to Live Streaming – MLH

Module 2 – Technical Workshop 2: Audience Participation in Live Streamed Programs – MLH

Module 2 – Technical Workshop 2: Live Streaming with Multi-Source Content – MLH

Module 3: Managing Digitization Projects – Intro Session: Get Inspired – MLH

Module 3: Technical Workshop 1: Digitization: Strategy and Purpose – MLH

Some Good Museum News – MAAM, AAM, WMA, NEMA, SEMC, MPMA


Webinars on Civic Engagement + Social Impact

Justice Now: What Would a Truth and Justice Commission Look Like in America – ICSC

Beyond Statements: People Power – AAMC Foundation

Beyond Statements: Taking Action – AAMC Foundation & Art Fund

Museum Think Tank: Cultural Organizations as Incubators for Social Impact – Cuseum

Webinar Short: Definitions of Justice – ICSC

Emergent Paradigms in Higher Education in Times of Disruption – AAMG

Connecting with your Community through Collections – CatalogIt

Decolonizing the Future: Education, Resilience and Challenging Myths – ICSC

Supporting Communities with Digital Programs During Coronavirus - Cuseum

Supporting Schools & Educators as a Cultural Organization – Cuseum

COVID-19 and Vulnerable Populations  – ICSC

AASLH Conversations: Monuments and Memory – AASLH

Understanding Crisis Through a Transitional Justice Lens – ICSC

Collaborating on Virtual Educational Programs During Coronavirus – Cuseum


Webinars on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility

Taking a Moment: Reflecting on Our DEAI Responsibilities – AAM's Independent Museum Professionals Network

Deaccessioning: Myths, Misconceptions and Missed Opportunities – SEMC

Publishing: Incorporating DEIA Principles – AAMC Foundation

Moving Forward with NAGPRA virtual workshop – Oregon Museums Association

Museums Cannot Be Silent: Whitney Plantation – SEMC

Lunch & Learn: How XR Experiences in Museums Can Support DEAI – CAM

Inclusivity in Isolation – AAAMC Foundation + Association of African American Museums

What's on your mind? DEAI and Creating Real Change – MAAM

Striving Towards an Equitable Future: Addressing Systemic Injustice as a Cultural Organization – Cuseum

Whose Hero? New Perspectives on Monuments in Public Landscapes – ICSC

Diversity & Community Support in Membership & Visitor Services – Cuseum


Webinars on Membership + Visitor Experience

Membership Predictions, Priorities & Problem-Solving for 2021 – Cuseum

2020 End-of-Year Strategy in Alumni Relations – Cuseum

Membership Mondays: Exploring New Membership Models & Trends – Cuseum

Museum Think Tank: Examining Membership and Loyalty – Cuseum

Membership Lightning Talks: Launching New Initiatives & Benefits in Museum Membership – Cuseum

Webinar Recording: Re-Opening with Contact-Free Visitor Experiences – Culture Connect

Membership Mondays: Re-Engaging and Re-Welcoming Members After Coronavirus Closures – Cuseum

The Onsite Member Experience After Coronavirus Closures - Cuseum

AASLH Conversations: Local Advocacy Matters - AASLH

Virtual Memberships: Creating Digital Benefits & Virtual Access for Members - Cuseum

The “Contactless” Future: Reimagining the Visitor Experience in the Era of Coronavirus - Cuseum


Webinars on Marketing + Communication + Digital Engagement

Marketing Trends Nonprofits Need to Know (and Embrace) – Firespring

Alumni Hour: Exploring the Hybrid Future of Alumni Engagement – Cuseum

Digital Engagement Series #1:Digital Collaboration: Context and Needs – AAMC Foundation

Alumni Engagement in the Era of Coronavirus – Cuseum

Interpretive planning for a pandemic – Oregon Museums Association

Membership Marketing, Audience Shifts & Community Engagement after Coronavirus - Cuseum

Digital: Income Stream or Accessible Outreach – AAMC Foundation

How Museums Can Experiment with Social Media to Boost Audience Engagement During Coronavirus - Cuseum

How to Discuss COVID-19 Digitally - International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Thinking Outside the Box to Reach Audiences Inside Their Homes - Cuseum

Create Your Own Media: Communications Strategies for Challenging Times - International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Digital Engagement at Your Museum During COVID-19 - Culture Connect


Webinars on Administration + Finances

Discussing & Debating the Potentials of NFTs in the Museum Sector – Cuseum

Navigating the Trials, Triumphs & Transformation of Cultural Organizations in the Pandemic Era – Cuseum

Understanding NFP Finances – AAMC Foundation

Museum Lightning Talks: Generating Revenue Through Digital Content & Virtual Experiences – Cuseum

Accounting Tips for Nonprofits during COVID-19 era – MARCUM Accountants & Advisors

Finding Support: Cultural Programming in Challenging Times – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

Planning for 2021: Preparing for Challenges and Adapting to Changes in Alumni Relations – Cuseum

Revenue Generation Strategies for Your Museum During Coronavirus: Lessons from the Private Sector – Culture Connect

SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Issues for Museums and Libraries – IMLS

Tips for Financial Well-Being During Closures – Association of Midwest Museums

How to Manage a Remote Internship Program at Your Museum – Cuseum


Webinars on Self-Care + Mindfulness

The Welcome Brigade: Self-Care for Front-Line Workers at Museums – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

Self Care In Stressful Times | Navigating Transitions Discussion – Leap to Success

Self Care In Stressful Times | Creating New Beginnings – Leap to Success

Stronger Together: COVID-19 Webinar Series - Self-Care and Sites of Conscience – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Simple Mindfulness Exercises – Association of Midwest Museums

Yoda-vation Session – Association of Midwest Museums

Women and COVID-19 International Coalition of Sites of Conscience


Webinars on Reopening

How Can Nonprofit Arts Organizations Plan for the Future with So Many Unknowns? – Wallace Foundation

REALM project: Supporting the reopening of libraries, archives, and museums – OCLC + IMLS

New World, New Experiences for our Cultural Institutions – LGA Architecture

Reshaping Exhibitions in a Socially Distanced World – AAMC Foundation

Navigating Challenges & Setbacks During Reopening – Cuseum

Considerations for Re-Opening and Staying Connected with Your Staff, Patrons, and Mission – BlackBaud

Small But Mighty: Navigating the New Normal as a Small or Mid-sized Museum – Cuseum

Looking Ahead: Sustainability Adding Value to Reopening - AAM's Environment and Climate Network



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