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WMA's Moments of Zen  Museums as Spaces for Wellbeing

Mental + Emotional + Spiritual Self Care  Physical + Social Self-Care  Creative Self-Care

Self-Care for Museum Professionals  Self-Care for Parents  Self-Care for Kids + Teens


We understand that in order to help make the necessary changes we need to see happen within our own institutions and within the greater museum field as a whole, we not only need to look inwards at ourselves, but we need to address and support the psychological and emotional needs of our staff and colleagues.

To help you and museum professionals take the necessary steps to maintain a strong, central well-being, both inside and outside of work, we have put together the following list of resources and tools.


WMA's Moments of Zen

Every week, we provide a #MomentofZen to help ease your mind and offer a moment of peace in such an uncertain world. Here are some of our favorite moments:


Museums as Spaces for Wellbeing


Mental + Emotional + Spiritual Self-Care


Physical + Social Self-Care


Creative Self-Care


Self-Care for Museum Professionals


Self-Care for Parents


Self-Care for Kids + Teens


Do you have self-care resources you'd like to add?

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These resources are subject to change and will be updated as new information becomes available.