Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with the Western Museums Association (WMA) offers great exposure to a wide range of
museum professionals and supports the professional development WMA provides to the museum field.


With the continued impact of the global pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, WMA is postponing the 2021 Annual Meeting, which had been scheduled for Pasadena, California, and we are actively planning a return to Pasadena in a future year.

Our proactive decision to postpone is motivated by the understanding that in the coming months our museums will be working hard to navigate our rapidly changing environment and serving their communities. We are able to make this choice from a place of financial strength that your continued support has helped build. So, thank you for being in the WMA Community—we are stronger because of you. For now, though, we encourage you to focus on yourself, your organizations, and your community.

Like many of your organizations, WMA is embracing these changes as an opportunity to grow in new directions. As we all shift to new realities, WMA would like to know how we can best serve you—the WMA Community. While we will not be gathering in person this year, through the summer and fall we will be sharing new resources and will continue to be a platform for your ideas. As we create new digital exchanges, please contact us with your stories, ideas, and interests. We want to ensure you are the best YOU can be. Tell us how we can help.


Advertise with WMA

While we are not gathering this year, you can reach the WMA Community by advertising on our website and in the eWestmuse Monthly Newsletter!

eWestMuse Monthly Newsletter Advertising

Corporate Member Spotlight

  • 1 month: $500
  • 1 month plus logo support for following 2 months: $600
  • 1 month plus logo support for following 4 months and a website advert: $750

Logo Support

  • 1 month: $100
  • 3 months: $250

Website Advertising

MATT-01.jpgWMA Homepage Ad & eWestmuse Monthly Newsletter: Ads run in 4, 8, and 12 month cycles and are sized 340px X 200px

  • 4 months: $400
  • 8 months: $800
  • 12 months: $1,200

WMA Website Ad & eWestmuse Monthly Newsletter: Ads run in 4, 8, and 12 month cycles and are sized 200px X 340px

  • 4 months: $300
  • 8 months: $600
  • 12 months: $900

Ready to Advertise? Download, fill out, and return the Advertising Form.

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Donate to WMA

If you are in the position to support WMA during the global crisis, we would welcome your gift of support. Thank you.

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Partnership Opportunities this Fall

Having postponed our in-person 2021 Annual Meeting in Pasadena, we are creating virtual programming for this summer and fall that will include partnership opportunities. Stay tuned for more details as they develop. Questions? Please contact:

Jason B. Jones
Executive Director
Western Museums Association

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See what WMA's Partners are Saying...

“As we establish our budget each year, sponsorship of the WMA Annual Meeting is always a top priority. The opportunity to support an organization that impacts the museum industry dovetails with our own values of curiosity, innovation, and collaboration. While we appreciate the attention and visibility, we rely on the friends, partners, and colleagues at WMA for our continued education and growth.”

Bart Shively
Vice President/Senior Project Manager
MATT Construction Corporation


"Collector Systems has truly enjoyed exhibiting at the WMA Annual Meeting for the past three years, and we look forward to many more to come! The conference offers a vibrant and lively setting to deepen our relationships with our existing clients, and a great forum to showcase our new technologies, products, and services to this large and thriving group of museum professionals. Partnering with WMA helps Collector Systems to grow, and to better serve all of our clients in the museum industry.”

Eric Kahan
Collector Systems

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Benefits of Partnering with the WMA

  • Reaches a concentrated group of museum professionals from a variety of sectors
  • Increases visibility among a diverse group of cultural institutions in the Western Region
  • Positions your business as a supporter and leader in the museum field
  • Builds existing relationships with decision-makers, while fostering new connections
  • Supports a high quality forum dedicated to sharing cutting edge and emerging ideas being accessible to all museum professionals
  • See the list of WMA's Past Partners

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Get Involved with WMA

Looking for more ways to support WMA during the global pandemic? Please contact:

Jason B. Jones
Executive Director
Western Museums Association


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