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Understanding Civic Engagement for Museums & Cultural Organizations

Calls for Action  (Nonpartisanly) Get Involved in Future Elections

Webinars to Help Your Organization Master Civic Engagement


"Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes." – Civic Responsibility and Higher Education, edited by Thomas Ehrlich

The Western Museums Association is calling upon our member institutions and the greater museum field to move beyond statements and engage in acts of civic responsibility. In this era of partisan divide that has been swept up by a global pandemic and protests fueled by anger at racial injustice, it is now even more imperative that museums and cultural institutions understand their position in civic engagement and social impact. Join us in this effort and help us to amplify the voices of our communities. 


Understanding Civic Engagement for Museums & Cultural Organizations

Regardless of the type of institution – art museum, science center, natural history museum, etc. – majority are embedded within communities as centralized place-makers and have a mission intertwined with a civic obligation to serve people. Begin your journey to a more unified, inclusive community by understanding the role civic engagement plays within your very own institution.


Calls for Action for Museums & Cultural Organizations

Through dedicated hard work, every museum, historical site, science center, library, and other organization has the potential to become an incubation of innovative, actionable ideas that create long-term change and inspire communities. The following articles, resources and guides will help you to activate civic engagement within your institution and spark social impact across your community.


(Nonpartisanly) Get Involved in Future Elections

As nonprofits, museums and cultural institutions are required by law to remain nonpartisan in any election activities. However, everyone can still play a critical role in supporting political participation by spreading awareness, promoting equity in democracy, and becoming a polling site. From when, where, and how to vote, to mobilizing staff and advertising Election Day, there is plenty that your institution can do and these resources are designed to help.

Nonprofit Vote offers a guide on how nonprofits can use social media to promote voting, engage and educate prospective voters, and raise awareness using a nonpartisan approach.

For all educators and parents – Teaching Tolerance has created the Future Voters Project, offering free, valuable guidance and resources for teaching young people about voting rights and registering young voters.

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Webinars to Help Your Organization Master Civic Engagement


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