Past Annual Meetings

Here, you can download Programs from WMA's previous Annual Meetings.



2022 Portland, OR "FORWARD"



2019 Boise, ID "ENGAGE"


Tacoma cover.png

2018 Tacoma, WA "Inspire"      


2017 Edmonton, Alberta "Unite"



2016 Phoenix, AZ "Change"



 2015 San Jose, CA "Listern, Learn, Lead"


 2014 Las Vegas, NV "Expect the Unexpected"


2013 Salt Lake City, UT "Drive On! Museums and the Future"


2012 Palm Springs, CA "Restore & Rejuvenate: Our Cultural & Natural Resources"


2011 Honolulu, HI "Püpükahi i Holomua: Working Together to Move Forward"


2010 Portland, OR “Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future”


2009 San Diego, CA “A Rising Tide: Sustainable Practices, Green and Beyond”


2008 Anchorage, AK “No Limits: Museums Define the Future” (WMA and Museums Alaska)


2007 Oakland, CA “Shake It Up: Museums Activate and Innovate”


2006 Boise, ID “Frontier Without Limits: High Desert Rendezvous"


2005 Pasadena, CA “A Rose by Any Other Name: Integrity, Authenticity and Mission”



  • 2004 Tacoma, WA “Strong Winds, Big Sails: Charting Your Future”
  • 2003 Reno, NV “Northwest by Southwest: Continuing Our Journey Together” (WMA and BCMA)
  • 2002 Tucson, AZ “Descansando Para La Jornada/Resting for the Journey”
  • 2001 Palm Springs, CA “Diversities: Mirage or Oasis”
  • 2000 Victoria, BC “Designing the Future Together” (WMA and BCMA)
  • 1999 Sacramento, CA “Beyond the Gold Rush”
  • 1998 Anchorage, AK “Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude” (WMA and Museums Alaska)
  • 1997 San Diego, CA “Beyond Borders: Discovery and Collaboration”
  • 1996 Salt Lake City, UT “Embracing the Future”
  • 1995 Oakland, CA
  • 1994 Honolulu, Hawaii “Living Cultures. Living Traditions”