Announcing the Museum Learning Hub!


Expert tips, online trainings, and digital toolkits are all at your fingertips with the Museum Learning Hub.

Over the last six-months, the Western Museums Association (WMA) has been collaboratively working with the other six U.S. regional museum associations to bring to life a nationwide initiative dedicated to providing free, self-paced training resources for small museums.

Initially created as part of the Digital Empowerment for Small Museums pilot program funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ National Leadership Grant for Museums award, the Museum Learning Hub (MLH) supports small museums across the U.S. seeking to overcome barriers to audience engagement and educational program delivery in a post-pandemic environment.

So, how exactly does the Museum Learning Hub work?

Beginning in April 2021, a new module – or series of webinars – will be introduced each month. Each module consists of an introductory session presented by museum professionals, followed by three weekly technical training workshops (tailored to varying levels of experience from beginner to advanced) taught by subject-matter experts.

To enhance the learning experience even further, comprehensive videos, presentations, free downloadable toolkits, session recordings, and transcripts will accompany each module; and all sessions will we be broadcasted live with an opportunity for attendees to ask questions in real time.

WMA is thrilled to be able to help small museum professionals boost their digital media skills and so much more through the Museum Learning Hub!


Upcoming module topics:

April 2021 - Accessibility & Inclusion (registration now OPEN!)

May - Live Streaming

June - Managing Digitization Projects

July - Managing Website Projects

August - Virtual Exhibitions

September - Podcasts

October - Video Production Tools

November - Audiences & Analytics

December - Social Media

January 2022 - Digitizing 3D Collections


Call for Technology Instructors!

We are also thrilled to announce an open call for technology instructor applications for future modules. We are looking for skilled technologists with excellent speaking skills to lead webinars for small museum professionals on the topics noted above. More information on future modules is coming soon. Apply by Friday, March 26, 2021!


Join us at and follow the Hub on social media!








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