Art Work Fine Art Services: Expert Handlers of Fine Art

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We’re thrilled to have Art Work Fine Art Services as a WMA sponsor!

The last thing museum professionals need to worry about is the safety and security of the artwork that is being transported, stored, or installed. As the trusted logistical partner of many institutions, Art Work Fine Art Services (FAS) promises to expertly take care of the handling so you can focus on everything else.

For almost 30 years, Art Work FAS has worked with some of the nation’s most highly-regarded museums, as well as all local museums in the cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. From shipping major museum exhibitions to hanging valuable paintings on a wall, Art Work FAS can tackle any installation.


Their museum services include:

Shipping & Transportation

We provide domestic and international shipping, residential and corporate relocation, and our West Coast shuttle service.

Crating & Packaging

Our full range of crating and packaging options is designed to ensure the protection and security of your valued pieces.


We offer state-of-the-art storage facilities that provide secure locations in Portland and Seattle suitable for both temporary and long-term storage.

Residential & Corporate Relocation

We can serve as a high security, climate-controlled waypost for your collection whether you are remodeling your home or office or moving to a new one.


From the simplest single sculpture install to the most complex modern art installation, we have nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of installation and can tackle any challenges you may face.

Support Services

Our team provides support services including collection management, restoration and preservation, art consultations, in-home design services, and fine art protection for your collections.


Beyond museums, their team of experts work with galleries, public institutions, private collectors, corporate collectors, artists, advisors, art consultants, and fiduciaries. But no matter who you are, or the type or size of your institution, with Art Work Fine Art Services, your collection will be in good hands.

To learn more about Art Work FAS or to request an estimate, please visit



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