Gift Yourself Some Self-Care: Resources for the New Year

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This New Year, gift yourself some self-care.

We're almost at the two-year anniversary of COVID, and at this point, some might find indulging in self-care to just be futile. But during this time of year filled with back-to-back holidays and everything that comes along with them, sellf-care is essential. Our stress levels can be at an all-time high and focusing on your own wellness strategy can make all the difference.

To help you find your new self-care ritual and ring in the New Year with a positive mindset, we’ve put together this list of self-care articles, exercises, books, and podcasts for your use – including resources from around the museum community.

So, stop doomscrolling, dive into a brand-new book, unwrap a box of chocolates, or tune in to the latest true crime podcast.


Self-Care Guidance from the Museum Community

A Gentle Way to End the Year – Agents of Change, Mike Murawski

Year-End Review: Thinking about Your Use of Time – Brilliant Idea Studio, Seema Rao

Smithsonian Scholars Pick Their Favorite Books of 2021 – Smithsonian Mag

Self-Care Sunday – Carnegie Museum of Art

Self-Care – National Museum of African American History & Culture

Self-Care Resources – Amerian Alliance of Museums

Creative Self-Actualization #selfcaresunday #selfcare – Brilliant Idea Studio, Seema Rao

Focusing on Self-Care is Good for Business – Brilliant Idea Studio, Seema Rao

Working on Imposter Syndrome – Brilliant Idea Studio, Seema Rao

Self-Care Resources – Western Museums Association

Why Self-Care is Important for Museum Educators – Medium


Fun Self-Care

The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care: From A to Z – Authored by Anna Borges

In a Stressful Time, Knitting for Calm and Connection – NY Times

The Best Art I Saw in 2021 – KQED

8 Effortless Self-Care Activities That Take Only 5 Minutes To Do – HuffPost

A Look at the Self-Care Wheel: Templates, Worksheets, and Activities – Positive Psychology


General Self-Care for 2022 + New Years Resolutions

I Can't Self-Care My Way Into Feeling Better Anymore – HuffPost

The 50 best New Year’s resolution ideas for 2022 and how to achieve them – NY Post

Want To Be More Productive In The New Year? Try These Tips From A Neuroscientist – Forbes

This 4-Step Plan Will Help You Reach Your Most Ambitious Goals in 2022 – Inc.

Why You Need a Self-Care Plan – Mindful

Four Ways To Optimize Self-Care At Work – Forbes

There’s No “Right” Way to Do Self-Care – Harvard Business Review


Books + Podcasts for Everyone to Enjoy

6 Podcasts for Reflection and Restoration – NY Times

Best New Podcasts of 2021 – Variety

The Best Podcasts of 2021 – The New Yorker

The 10 Best Crime Podcasts of 2021 – Rolling Stone

15 Best True Crime Podcasts to Keep You Up at Night (Reviewed 2021) – Coolist

Best Books 2021: Books We Love – NPR

The 20 Best Books of 2021 – LA Times

Times' Critics Top Books of 2021 – NY Times

Best Art Books of 2021 – NY Times

Best Self-Help Books to Guide You on the Road to Self-Care – Penguin Random House


WMA's Moments of Zen

Often, we provide a #MomentofZen in our Weekly Newsletter to help ease minds and offer a moment of peace in such an uncertain world. Here are some of our favorite moments:


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