Going Back to School in the Pandemic-Era: Resources for Parents

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Just like that, summer is coming to an end.

Across the country, school districts are starting the new school year in person amid the spread of the more transmissible delta variant. Concerned parents are living through yet another repeat of 2020, a time where entire families are even more exposed to the virus and student quarantines are now commonplace. Even though schools are working to keep children safe by mitigating the transmission of the coronavirus through the widespread use of masks, better ventilation systems, and vaccination of faculty and staff, parents are still worried about the health risks that come with in-person interaction in this new school environment.

If you're a parent and your child (or children) has either just gone back to school or will be returning in the coming few weeks, you probably would like to understand what to expect from teachers, how to keep your kids and yourself safe, and how you can best prepare your kid(s) for this school year.

Here, you’ll find a list of resources, guidance, and tools that will hopefully help you feel more prepared, put your worries at ease, and answer some of your most burning questions.

This list will be updated as new resources become available.


Opinion Pieces + Other Articles

Parents Are Not Okay – The Atlantic

Back to School: Live Updates (Following the News as Students Return to In-Person Learning) – NPR

How Will Delta and COVID-19 Change This Back-to-School Season? Here's What to Know – Time Magazine

Perspectives: 10 National Parents Share Their Hopes and Plans for the New School Year – VeryWell Family

Perspectives: 10 National Teachers Share How They’re Preparing for the New School Year – VeryWell Family

Perspectives: 10 National Kids Share How They Feel About Next School Year – VeryWell Family

Back to school in 2021: Three families share their stories – Boston Children's Answers

This School Year Is Going to Be a Mess—Again – The Atlantic

Back To School: Can Special Education Make Up For Lost Time? – NPR

Why Parents Kept Their Kids Home From School – The Atlantic


Helpful Resources + Guidance for Parents

Back-to-School Resources for Families and Educators – Child Mind Institute

4 Ways Parents Can Calm Their Back-to-School Fears – NY Times

5 Questions: Elizabeth Reichert on Handling Back-to-School Anxiety in a Pandemic – Stanford Children's Health

How Families Can Detach From Quarantine Life – VeryWell Family

The Impact of Distance Learning on Kids – VeryWell Family

The Playbook for How to Be a Social Kid in the 2021-2022 School Year – VeryWell Family

CA Covid-19 School Readiness Hub – CA.gov

How Can You Ease Back-to-School Anxiety and Stress? – VeryWell Family

How to Help Your Kids Succeed in School – VeryWell Family


Safety Resources for Your Children

How To Keep Your Child Safe From The Delta Variant – NPR

Kids Are Going Back to School. How Do We Keep Them Safe? – NY Times

Kids headed back to school? Grab these COVID-19 must-haves for in-person learning – Cnet


Written by Jessica Noyes, Communications Coordinator, WMA


Do you have self-care resources you'd like to add?

Please share with us at communications@westmuse.org.

These resources are subject to change and will be updated as new information becomes available.

We're all in this together. #StayHealthy #StaySafe #TogetherButSafelyApart



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