May the 4th Be with You, at Home

yoda meme.jpg“The Force will be with you. Always.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

In a time when the dark side seems especially powerful, many of us look to familiar stories of comfort, happiness, and hope. So, it only makes sense that Star Wars–a story of triumph over evil, heroes, and redemption­­–would make for such a perfect escape.

With May the 4th (and Revenge of the 5th) approaching next week, we at WMA wanted to bring some light into your home and virtually transport you into a galaxy far, far away.


The Force

Yes, the force is real and you can learn how to control it. We all know that self-care is extremely important to get us through these trying times. To help you master the force, author Sir John Hargrave discusses the mental technique of concentration training and the importance of a well-trained mind. These simple meditation exercises can be practiced every day.

Or learn to think like Yoda, problem solve like Princess Leia and focus like a Star Wars Stormtrooper with these science-based mind hacks from the Peak Blog.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda

Jedi Training

Looking to sharpen those Jedi skills or fly an X-Wing Fighter? For free online games, head to, KBH Games, Disney, and EAGames.

If you’re seeking some fun DIY kid games that are out of this world, browse through this collection of Star Wars Party Games from

Jump to Hyperspace

From George Lucas’ 1977 film A New Hope, to the final installment The Rise of Skywalker, you can watch the entire Star Wars saga online. Click here for the lowdown of where to watch every single film.

“Let’s keep a little optimism here.” – Han Solo

On Monday the 4th, livestream A One-Man Star Wars Trilogy performance – a show that condenses the plots of the original three Star Wars films into a single, hilarious 75-minute re-enactment. Learn more about the performance here and click here to watch it live.

ALSO, starting next Monday, you can participate in Reedpop’s virtual two-day An Online Revelry: May the 4th Be With You and Revenge of the 5th celebration, packed with screenings, Q&A sessions with some of the franchise’s writers and voice actors, trivia, and more. Events will take place across social media accounts associated with multiple ReedPop properties, including New York Comic Con, C2E2, BookCon, Emerald City Comic Con and Florida SuperCon, on both Twitter and Facebook.

4th.jpg  5th.jpg

For the full schedule, visit


Have fun and may the force be with you, always.



Written by Jessica Noyes - Communications Coordinator, WMA

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