Socializing 2020 | Virtual Activities to Enjoy with Friends & Family

Talk With Staff Blog FB Post copy.jpgThere’s no doubt that 2020 has redefined what “social” means. It no longer means sitting together at the dinner table with friends, throwing birthday parties, having game nights, or visiting loved ones. Now, socializing means staring at your Brady Brunch-style grid of people staring back at you, all trying to figure out who’s talking next.

Fortunately, with a little preparation and a dash of creativity, generic Zoom and FaceTime calls can transform into some truly good times. Text some friends, grab a screen, and schedule a call because things are about to get fun.


Host a Virtual Dinner Party with Friends & Family

According to Sarah Weinberg, Deputy Editor at Delish, “Wi Fi is the new long table and your phone is the new place setting.” From decorating your place, to picking the menu, Delish has created a fun how-to guide when it comes to throwing a virtual dinner party.

If you’ve got kids around, The Family Dinner Project’s Pandemic 2020: Virtual Dinner Party Guide is perfect! Complete with a printable games and great conversation starters, this extensive guide will help you create a virtual dinner party the entire family will enjoy.

Of course, when it comes to dinner parties, it’s ALL about the food. Laura Jackson, founder of Hoste, shares nine suggestions for connecting virtually with friends through your own love of food.


Attend A Virtual Cooking Class

Cooking at home in self-isolation hardly means cooking alone. Virtual cooking classes can offer you a fun change of pace, bring an element of socialization into your day, and fill your fridge with wonderful meals. Now Is the Perfect Time to Take a Virtual Cooking Class.

From learning cost-saving tips and kitchen tricks, to preparing weeknight meals and fancily decorating cakes, these 6 virtual cooking classes will inspire you in kitchen.

With traveling out of the question this summer, you can still take your taste buds on a trip around the world with these 20+ virtual cooking classes. Make fresh Italian gnocchi or Taiwanese delicacies like scallion pancakes and dumplings. You can definitely count us in for the homemade focaccia tutorial!


Play Fun Games Over Zoom with Friends & Family


Pictionary and Charades are some of the easiest games you can play in Zoom. For full instructions and rules on how to play these IRL games virtually, read How to Play Pictionary on Zoom and How to play Charades on Zoom.

When it comes to playing classic board games with a touch of tech, The New York Times tells you how you can still play Battleship or Monopoly using a video conferencing platform and a few special hacks.

No matter if you’re looking for kid-friendly Zoom scavenger hunts, or adult-centered games like Cards Against Humanity, you will find something to enjoy among these 53 Best Zoom Games to Play.


Stay in Touch with Friends

Keeping in touch with friends while we stay indoors has never been so important. However, having the same old zoom sessions over and over again, things can get a tad boring. Here are 7 Actually Fun Things to Do on Zoom That Aren’t Just Awkwardly Staring at Your Friends.

Even in quarantine, girls just wanna have fun! From Airbnb Experiences, to online nail art classes, here are 10 Virtual Girls Night ideas.


We hope these ideas will help to fill your nights with some uniquely, fun entertainment.


Written by Jessica Noyes, Communications Coordinater, WMA

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