Summertime Self-Care: Articles, Activities & Moments of Zen


We all know that summer is better with a scoop of ice cream in hand… or a double scoop… triple… who’s counting?

Whether indulging in your favorite summertime treat, getting some good R&R under a palm tree, or breathing your way through yoga on the beach, a topnotch summer is stacked full of self-care.

At this point, we have all come to understand just how critical self-care is to our overall well-being and happiness. So, in honor of National Wellness Month, and to help make this your healthiest and happiest summer yet, we’ve gathered a list of some great self-care articles, activities, and moments of Zen.


Self-Care Articles

The Summer of Social Anxiety – Health Central

Summer Soothes our Senses–and Our Souls – Health Central

Summer of Self-Care: Refresh – SELF

Summer of Self-Care: Nourish – SELF

Summer of Self-Care: Connect – SELF

5 Tips For Feeling Empowered & Confident This Summer – MindBodyGreen

Summertime Self-Care: 10 Ways to Nurture Yourself This Season – Psych Central

3 Things That Could Be Messing with Your Sleep Right Now + What To Do – MindBodyGreen

Where Self-Care Often Falls Short – MindBodyGreen


Self-Care Fun + Activities

15 Activities for Your Summer Self-Care Checklist –

5 Tips for Practicing Summer Self-Care – SoundMindWellness

7 Self-Care Tips That Will Make You Happier This Summer – Health Central

7 Easy-Listening Podcasts for Summer – Health Central

7 Blue Artworks: Explore by Color – Google Arts & Culture

Art Coloring Book – Google Arts & Culture

#ColorOurCollections (free coloring pages from cultural institutions) – New York Academy of Medicine

Joy Generator – NPR

i-Spy Online Game (all you need is your computer mouse)

Weave Silk - Interactive generative art (create ethereal artwork online)

TED Talks + Videos About Self – TED

TED Talks + Videos About Health – TED

TED Talks + Videos About Happiness – TED


Summertime Self-Care Moments of Zen

Melting Ice-cream Time-Lapse

A Relaxing Tropical Beach Scene

Surfing in Hawaii 1977

A Caribbean Reef Octopus

Drive Through Big Sur, Along the California Coast

Coral Reef

Peaceful Ocean Sounds


Please visit our Self-Care Resources page for additional articles and tools.


Written by Jessica Noyes, Communications Coordinator, WMA


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