Time to Tune In: Seven Museum Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

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With tens of thousands of podcasts to choose from on every imaginable topic, we want to make it easy for you to add some fresh shows to your 2023 podcast feed – on all things museum.

Whether you’re into history, are interested in learning about DEAI practices, are obsessed with the newest art exhibits, or anything else museum-related, there’s a podcast for everyone on this list.

Let’s tune in.


1. Museum Confidential

Museum Confidential Podcast.jpeg

Museum Confidential is a behind-the-scenes look at museums hosted by Jeff Martin of Philbrook Museum of Art and produced by Scott Gregory with Public Radio Tulsa. There are new episodes every two weeks.

Available on: Spotify / NPR / Apple Podcasts





2. Museum Archipelago

Museum archipelago Podcast.jpg

A tiny show that guides you through the rocky landscape of museums, Museum Archipelago believes that no museum is an island and that museums are not neutral. Taking a broad definition of museums, host Ian Elsner brings you to different museum spaces around the world, dives deep into institutional problems, and introduces you to the people working to fix them. Each episode is never longer than 15 minutes.

Available on: Website / Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts



3. Museum Weird

Museum Weird Podcast.jpeg

What can be displayed in a museum? What makes a museum a museum? What happens when unexplainable things happen after hours? There is a lot more to museums than the educational elements they provide.

The Pentacrest Museums at the University of Iowa invite you to join them as they explore all things museum! Come along for the ride as they take you on a tour of the good, the bad, and the Museum Weird. Museum Weird is a student researched and produced podcast brought to you by the University of Iowa Pentacrest Museums.

Available on Anchor / Spotify / Apply Podcasts


4. Getty Art + Ideas

Getty Podcast.jpeg

Getty Art + Ideas invites you to join Jim Cuno, president of the J. Paul Getty Trust, as he talks with artists, writers, curators, and scholars about their work. Listen in as he engages these important thinkers in reflective and critical conversations about architecture, archaeology, art history, and museum exhibitions.

Available on: Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts




5. The Mistholme Museum

Mistholme Museum Podcast.jpg

Hello, and welcome to the Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, and Mortality. The Audio Tour Guide will be your window into the history of the museum and its exhibits today.

Please note, that if you notice your version of the Audio Tour Guide behaving oddly, kindly ensure that you dispose of your Audio Device in the nearest incinerator at the earliest convenience.
Available on: Website / Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Facebook



6. Meet Me at the Museum

Meet Me at the Museum Podcast.jpg

Famous faces take their best mate, their mum, their neighbour (whoever they want) for an afternoon at a favourite museum or gallery. As well as getting a peek behind the scenes, seeing what makes a museum tick, it's also the starting point for some great conversations about life, the universe and everything. As well as a chance to eat lots of cake in the cafe.

Meet Me at the Museum is published by Art Fund, the UK’s national charity for art, which raises money for museums and galleries through the National Art Pass

Available on: Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Art Fund_


7. BCMA Podcasts

BC Museums Assoc. Podcast.jpeg

Join the BC Museums Association as they explore topics of importance to the museum community in British Columbia (BC), and around the world. Hear from museum workers, volunteers, and audiences about their work in BC museums.

Available on: BCMA Website