WMA's Top 5 2023 Moments of Bliss

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Rounding out almost every WMA Weekly newsletter, we share a fun-to-watch Moment of Bliss to help brighten everyone's email inbox. Every month, we sort through YouTube's massive content library to find short videos that we think our readers will enjoy.

Always a popular feature, we decided to highlight our MOST watched top 5 Moments of Bliss from 2023! In first place, we have the timelapse of a 2480lb giant pumpkin, while in last place, we have the classic "Stapler in Jell Prank" clip from The Office. Enjoy our top five Moments of Bliss of 2023!


1. 2480 lb Giant Pumpkin Timelapse | aka "Bear Swipe" | Winner of Topsfield Fair


2. Keegan-Michael Key Reads a Letter from the Smithsonian to a Man Donating 'Artefacts' From His Garden


3. GoPro: It's Always Sunny in Walter's World


4. How come I didn't know this quick method before? Stay soft and fluffy- 3 days. Homemade Donuts


5. Stapler In Jello Prank | The Office US | Comedy Bites



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