By James G. Leventhal
Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch and The Venerable Palden Gyatso, Tibetan Freedom Concert, SF, CA 1996

So quotes my friend Jennifer Caleshu:
These times especially call for more than mere incrementalism. Let’s demand that our leaders get in over their heads, that they remain a little bit naive about what they’re getting into.
It's from WIRED.
And my friend Erin Potts wrote...
By: Victoria France
I was watching the 123rd annual Rose Parade, January 2, 2012 in Pasadena, CA – one of the brightest and warmest Rose Parade days anyone seems to remember. And if that isn’t remarkable enough, among the marching bands, surfing dogs, equestrian units and gigantic flower bedecked displays of commercial and civic pride, there was a museum float!  Ok, yes, it’s disguised as a...

Check out the awesome street banners that we be outside the Hawaii Convention Center during the Annual Meeting!
What a great welcome to what is going to a be great conference. Mahalo, Honolulu!
The double-sided banners will be hung on 8 street poles fronting the Convention Center.
Make sure to check the banners out when you arrive next week!
By James G. Leventhal
Not too long ago, museums didn't have email. Or websites. Or e-blasts. We've simply incorporated these new technologies as they've arrived. In many cases they've improved our work and made our professional lives easier. Really, it's not even that long ago that we didn't use direct mail and I remember when it was a question as to whether we'd accept credit card donations.  ...
By James G. Leventhal
In its inimitable first-class volunteer fashion...and to celebrate the blogsite westmuse's first year birthday, the Western Museums Association has a new look!
Oo, you gotta love a "new look and feel."  Here's a big thank you to the logo's designer Nicole Trudeau.  Trudeau has also designed the forthcoming 75th Anniversary program for Portland.

California Video at the Getty...
By James G. Leventhal

Crowds Gathing at New De Young 2:49 a.m.

The San Francisco Bay Area has seen some extraordinary museum openings over the past several years.  When the New de Young opened it did a 32-hour party and community celebration, starting a trend that was then picked up by the Contemporary Jewish Museum with Dawn in 2008 and now the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA).
"The newly...
By Adam Rozan

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Construction is a fixed presence across the American museum landscape.  Our visitors have grown accustomed to seeing it.  However, the greatest renovations occurring have little to do with brick and mortar projects, but rather the varying degrees of change in visitor-focused services, program offerings, and promotion-oriented thinking...

By Lydia Johnson
I got an email from Stephanie Weaver last week:
Tech Talks are in! Monday, October 18 in Portland, Oregon.
Stephanie is coordinating The Tech Talks (formerly Tech Lab) at WMA's annual conference later this year, and asked me to participate.  I live in Silicon Valley, so I see and hear about the cutting edge of technology every day.  In fact, the business section in our local...

WMA President Aldona Jonaitis

Dear WMA members-
The WMA Board just met up in Portland for two days of planning sessions at the Doubletree Hotel, site of this fall's 75th meeting of the Western Museums Association.  The Board Meeting followed the Program Committee meeting that had met the two days before.  The Board Meeting was a truly wonderful meeting, for several reasons.
One, and perhaps of...
by Katherine Whitney
For their annual “Feast of Ideas” session, December 9, 2009, the Bay Area’s Cultural Connections experimented with a new format. Traditionally the December meeting is more social than other programs, focusing on gathering and exchanging information from many participants rather than a single speaker or topic. This was the case this year as well.
The broad theme was Technology...


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