Annual Meeting

2019 Leadership Award Recipient Janet Gallimore (center), with
(L-R) WMA Executive Director Jason B. Jones and WMA President Anne Rowe
WMA Leadership Award
The Leadership Award recognizes and acknowledges outstanding lifetime achievement in museums and/or a museum-related field. The Award is presented at the WMA Annual Meeting to a museum professional with more than 20 years in the field whose...

2019 Impact Award Recipient Tricia Canaday (center-right) with
(L-R) WMA Executive Director Jason B. Jones, WMA Board President Anne Rowe,
and WMA Board Member / VP of Programs and Innovations at Thanksgiving Point Lorie Millward
WMA Impact Award
The new WMA Impact Award will be presented at the Annual Meeting to a current mid-career museum professional who has a minimum of ten years’...

Plans are underway for a spectacular joint conference bringing together two amazing organizations to provide a dynamic and groundbreaking professional development experience in two years.
The Western Museums Association and the California Museums Association will be collaborating to bring together museum professionals in Los Angeles in 2020 and we need you to help us in the planning.

Our short...
by Jennifer Ortiz and Molly Wilmoth, co-chairs Program Committee

At the start of March, the WMA 2018 Program Committee met in Tacoma, WA for our second and final planning meeting for this year’s Annual Meeting. Our 2018 Program Committee is comprised of a diverse group of museum leaders from all corners of the Western region. Over four very full days—two in January and the other two in March—the...
By Brianna Cencak
“Take a Risk. It’s The Most Edmonton Thing You Can Do.” These were the big, bold words that were painted across a tall building that caught my eye on my walk back from a pre-conference workshop. Risk-taking can be perceived in so many different ways. Some people thrive off taking risks, whether in their personal or professional lives, or perhaps even both...
By Melanie Fales
I am grateful to the Western Museums Association and the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies for this recognition of Minidoka: Artist as Witness, an original exhibition organized by the Boise Art Museum. The award reinvigorates our work and gives us a sense of great pride. 
Boise Art Museum is located just 130 miles away from Minidoka, yet most residents in our urban...
By Daniel Gale-Rosen
Two weeks ago, Alley Interactive had the privilege of attending the joint Western Museums Association / Alberta Museums Association conference in Edmonton, Alberta. Apart from being our first visit to Edmonton, we got a chance to discuss the challenges around being a museum in North America in this day in age, which aren’t just digital.
There were a few topics we...
The Western Museums Association presented our annual Director's Chair Award to Dr. Robert R. Janes during our Annual Meeting UNITE 2017. The Director’s Chair Award is designed to showcase and acknowledge outstanding achievements in the museum profession. The Award is presented annually to an individual who has had a significant and lasting impact on museum practices and/or the museum profession...
The 2019 Charles Redd Award was presented to Dana Whitelaw (right-center) for
the High Desert Museum's Desert Reflections: Water Shapes the West 2019 exhibition.
Pictured here with (L-R) WMA Executive Director Jason B. Jones, WMA Board President Anne Rowe,
and WMA Board Secretary Michael Fiegenschuh.
The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Award for Exhibition Excellence
The Western Museums...


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