Community Development

By: Sarah Asper-Smith
In November, I traveled to Nome for the first time. I have been surrounded by incredible beauty my whole life—I grew up in the coastal rainforest of southeast Alaska, and stare out my window at tall mountains and lush, green forests. But the flight to Nome was breathtaking. Every region of Alaska carries its own beauty, different from the others. My nose was pressed to the...
By: Tasia Endo
Whereas the summer was already ending in Seattle, with seasonal showers and sixty-degree temperatures, the warmth of the sun and welcoming aloha-spirit undoubtedly describes my time in Honolulu for the 2011 WMA Annual Meeting. However, “working together to move forward,” truly characterizes my experience at the meeting this September.
Attending on behalf of the Northwest Nikkei...

by  Lydia Johnson
AAM 2009: The Museum Experiment is now history.  In the weeks following big conferences like this, where ideas sizzle like Pop Rocks candy, it’s always interesting to see what sticks.  What topics will we still be chewing on next week…next month…next year?  (and I don’t mean the obvious “how do you throw a party when nobody can afford to come?”)
This year, I’m putting my money...


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