By: Elizabeth B. Herridge
I started working full time in the arts and cultural sector a decade ago when I moved to Las Vegas.  After attending the annual meeting of the Western Museums Association in Portland last fall, I am still kicking myself for not having become involved sooner!  I had no idea that so many valuable resources would be made available to me as a result of my attendance.
I had...

Entry monument to the Pearl Harbor visitor center

For museums in the Pacific Rim, it’s often challenging to create programs and services that meet the needs of both locals and tourists. This engaging half-day workshop will give you a framework upon which to build vital programs that attract the local audience, while helping you streamline your visitor service offerings for the important tourist...
By: Jason B. Jones
I’m stoked for the WMA Annual Meeting in Hawai'i, but not for the reasons you may think. As a redhead that gets sunburned while just thinking about sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun isn’t high on my priorities list. Thankfully, Hawai’i and the Annual Meeting offer much more than sun and surf.
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The diversity of...
2011 Annual Meeting
Honolulu, Hawaii

Presented in collaboration with
Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums
and co-hosted by
Hawaii Museums Association
Pacific Islands Museums Association
September 23-26,2011
How do you like to help your colleagues? What is a fun way to support learning for professionals? How do you or your museums like to...

Redmond J. Barnett, Secretary of WMA and Head of the Exhibits Dept., Washington State History Museum

By Redmond J. Barnett
Remember the old story about early machine language translation – where the English “out of sight, out of mind” became the Russian “invisible and insane”?
Something similar happened at the general session of the American Association of Museums annual meeting in Houston. ...

Museums as Gifts to Universities: Case Study Magnes to UC Berkeley

How good does WMA get?  Well, check out this session from last year's conference in Portland entitled, "Museums as Gifts to Universities."
It's got fundraising, collections issues, administration, technology, new leaders, drama and networking all wrapped into one...
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This year's Program Committee Meeting at the Liljestrand House was a fascinating exercise and a wonderful experience working with a great group of people.  This year's conference is going to be a strong one, with session proposals from WMA, the Hawai'i Museums Association, the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums, and the Pacific Islands Museums Association. It was an exciting...
I love conference time because it just feels good to be around people who like museums as much as I do, and have dedicated their working life to making museums incredible places for their communities. I have been blessed to be a part of two organizations that hold incredible conferences: the Western Museums Association and the British Columbia Museums Association. In October 2010, I was lucky...
by Stephanie Weaver
I was privileged to be one of about 300 people in the room at the first TEDxSanDiego. TEDx are independently organized events following the TED conference format. If you aren't familiar with TED talks, they are amazing, short, focused talks by the world's best speakers and thinkers, which are broadcast live (and recorded). (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design,...
What hand will Fate deal your museum?

WMA was pleased to have AAM's Center for the Future of Museums Director Elizabeth Merritt lead two sessions on futurecasting. Now, even though tarot cards were involved in the second session (hey, it was the last time slot of the entire conference--we needed a hook for the audience!), Elizabeth was quick to point out that forecasting the future is not...


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