While conference attendees sit entranced listening to sessions, members of the WMA board, Conference Solutions and friends are busily preparing for the celebration and business lunch!
Here are some behind-the-scenes shots!

Discussing the stylish WMA umbrellas

Festive Tables

Testing the Podium

We're looking forward to seeing you ALL at 12:30!
by Allyson Lazar

Evening events at conferences are always fun and often inspiring. A much asked topic in the museum field is that of how to handle contemporary (read: relevant) controversial topics in society. The 2005 Muse Award-winning Modern Oregon Issues segment of the Oregon My Oregon exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society tackles that question head-on--along with a menu of controversies...

Another great session at #wma2010

Thanks everyone for joining us at Building a Fundraising Plan that Works.

Click on image for presentation by Bridget Keane, CCS Fundraising


Click the image for JS May's presentation

Gwen Carr, Vice Chairperson, Research & Education Program Chairperson

Why go to the conference? Why "go local" and travel to particular places to meet people? Why? To meet people like Gwen Carr and learn about the Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers, an all volunteer nonprofit organization based in Salem, Oregon dedicated to doing research and educating Oregonians about African-Americans’...

by Allyson Lazar
Sunday morning, while other conference attendees were en route to Portland or just getting their first cups of coffee for the day, a bright-eyed group of registrars and collection managers, organized by the Registrars Committee-Western Region, trekked up to the wooded west hills to spend the day volunteering at Pittock Mansion!

But before we removed all of our dangling items...
Hi! I'm Elizabeth Merritt, your designated museum futurist for the WMA conference in Portland this year. My assignment is to help you imagine many plausible futures that could face museums in coming decades. What are my secret weapons? Well, I won't reveal them all, but one is a Museum Forecasting Tarot Deck which will be deployed in my session on "Forecasting the Future of Museum Sustainability...
By James G. Leventhal
Not too long ago, museums didn't have email. Or websites. Or e-blasts. We've simply incorporated these new technologies as they've arrived. In many cases they've improved our work and made our professional lives easier. Really, it's not even that long ago that we didn't use direct mail and I remember when it was a question as to whether we'd accept credit card donations.  ...
By Adam Mikos, Associate Director of Programs and Events at Portland Children's Museum
Hello hello!

Author on the Town: Adam Mikos - this guy knows Portland!

Dang, two weeks from now we will already be knee deep in WMA 2010!  To whet your collective palettes for your visit to this beautiful city I have put together a couple links as an amuse-bouche  of sorts.  Rather than drown you in a long...
By Lisa Eriksen
Of course, the answer to the first part of this question is Portland, Oregon for the Western Museums Association annual meeting!

The Author with Greg Farrington, ED, Cal Academy of Sciences and Lori Fogarty, Director, Oakland Museum of CA and others "Futurecasting for California" at AAM in L.A.

The second part of the question is a bit more difficult to answer, which is why I...


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