By Maren Dougherty
Earlier this year, our team at the Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles launched an online crowdfunding campaign for our exhibition about Route 66. In 60 days, we raised more than $60,000 for the exhibition, including more than $40,000 through the Indiegogo platform and $20,000 in offline donations.
We were pleased with the results of the campaign, but we...
By: Suzanne Hilser-Wiles
So many museums suffer what some might consider a “happy problem”—generous support from board members and a robust membership program, but very little philanthropic activity between the two. While board support and a broad-based membership effort are important for the current financial stability of your organization, success in these areas might, in fact, be masking a...
By Hank Helm
The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum is located on Bainbridge Island, Washington in Puget Sound, and this circumstance provides both unique opportunities and challenges. Our membership is drawn primarily from the Island’s current population of approximately 23,000 residents. The population serves as a bedroom community for commuters traveling into the City of Seattle by ferry,...
By Renee Montgomery

Case in point: the Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles
Upcoming on the A + D Museum schedule is the exhibition Never Built: Los Angeles, an exploration of visionary architectural plans that could have reshaped Los Angeles’ (LA) landscape but were unfortunately never realized. Included will be plans, renderings and models for proposed LA civic centers, airport, parks,...
Successful Development Models for University and Public Museums


Jill Hartz, Executive Director, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Greg Polzin, Director, Fundraising & Development, Palm Springs Art Museum Melissa Rosengard, Director of Institutional Advancement, Chabot Space & Science Center
Deidre Sandvick, Director of Development for the Arts, University of Oregon...
By: Jean Nels
A Young Man and the Mountain: True Tales from Joaquin Miller's Shasta Years
A true story of drama, love, war, and tragedy occurred in the Mount Shasta area in the 1850’s that rivals any Shakespearean fiction. Joaquin Miller, the Poet of the Sierras, frontier adventurer, prolific writer, and irrepressible rogue, first arrived in California in 1853 as a sixteen-year old boy.  He was...
Western Museums Association Annual Meeting-2012
Palm Springs, California
How do you like to help your colleagues?  What is a fun way to support learning for professionals? How do you or your museums like to participate at our annual meetings and know you are making a worthy donation? What is way to help support your travel and get to the annual meetings?
One way is...
By: Louise Yokoi

With the start of the WMA 2011 conference in a few days, I’m making a list of items I need for the trip to Hawai’i: beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen, and of course, my tool belt. Like me, you’ve probably put it on your packing list or in your suitcase already. Your tool belt contains all of the successful strategies, engaging ideas, and useful suggestions you have assembled...

Museums as Gifts to Universities: Case Study Magnes to UC Berkeley

How good does WMA get?  Well, check out this session from last year's conference in Portland entitled, "Museums as Gifts to Universities."
It's got fundraising, collections issues, administration, technology, new leaders, drama and networking all wrapped into one...
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By Redmond J. Barnett

Redmond J. Barnett, Secretary of WMA, is the Head of the Exhibits Department, Washington State History Museum

Washington’s governor, Christine Gregoire, faces a $4 billion budget deficit and proposes to close the two independent state-funded museums, the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma and the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, saving about $4...


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