By Arthur H. Wolf
Several years ago it occurred to me that there might be fewer years ahead than there had been behind me, and I decided to plan for how I might pay back some institutions and organizations that had been formative, instructive, and beneficial to me over the past 35 years or so. In our household we have always supported annual contributions and memberships to museums, food banks,...

Another great session at #wma2010

Thanks everyone for joining us at Building a Fundraising Plan that Works.

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By James G. Leventhal
Not too long ago, museums didn't have email. Or websites. Or e-blasts. We've simply incorporated these new technologies as they've arrived. In many cases they've improved our work and made our professional lives easier. Really, it's not even that long ago that we didn't use direct mail and I remember when it was a question as to whether we'd accept credit card donations.  ...
A2, Single Session Panel Discussion: “Selling Our Collections, New perspectives on Old Controversies in Today’s Economy,” Moderated by Doug DeFors (Monday, October 18, 2 PM to 3:15 PM)
By Doug DeFors
Imagine a museum press conference that announced, unapologetically, that the board had voted to sell a number of very valuable paintings from the permanent collection to avoid imminent bankruptcy....
by James G. Leventhal

Once independent, the Hammer is now part of UCLA

What do you value?  This is becoming a pressing question for museums in the United States as they... well, come of age.  With Riches, Rivals and Radicals: 100 Years of Museums in America (2006), AAM and Marjorie Schwarzer reminded us that museums in America are not a lot older than a 100-year tradition or industry.  That's...
By James G. Leventhal

"Board and Staff Roles" from #wma2009 (photo Lydia Johnson)

There's a long list of reasons to be part of the Western Museums Association.  For example, the last email news update notes that WMA serves professionals during difficult economic times providing: a professional lifeline to the unemployed; a touchpoint for the retired and a springboard for those just entering the...
Congratulations to our colleagues in California, Nevada, and Washington who earned recognition for their outstanding achievements in museum media at AAM's 2010 Muse Awards last night.
The Asian Art Museum (San Francisco, CA) won the top award in the Public Relations and Development category for Raising Spirits.
"Raising Spirits takes our world-renowned collection "on the road" via a plasma...
by Ted A. Greenberg
How do you like to help your colleagues?  What is a fun way to support learning for professionals? How do you or your museums like to participate at our annual meetings and know you are making a worthy donation? What is way to help support your travel and get to the annual meetings?
One way is the Wanda Chin Professional Development Support Fund...
By Adam Rozan

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Construction is a fixed presence across the American museum landscape.  Our visitors have grown accustomed to seeing it.  However, the greatest renovations occurring have little to do with brick and mortar projects, but rather the varying degrees of change in visitor-focused services, program offerings, and promotion-oriented thinking...
By Meredith Hayes
The Tucson Museum of Art is happy to include our good news with readers of westmuse. In fact we have lots of good news happening here. Our admissions have more than doubled over last year (of course Ansel Adams might have something to do with that, but we’ll take it in this day and age). And we have recently received a major grant for our education programs.
Along with other...


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