This session took place during the Western Museums Association 2013 Annual Meeting
In the process of developing a new strategic plan, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) developed self-reflective questions regarding its mission and vision. UMFA staff visited museums in Seattle, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Austin with the aim of studying variations of best practice to guide this work. By...

At the 2013 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, the Western Museums Association (WMA) proudly launches a new programmatic feature: WestMusings | Ten Minute Museum Talks. Based on TED Talks’ model, WestMusings is an unconference program of short, rehearsed, and engaging presentations on museum related topics. WestMusings will provide an important platform for tomorrow’s museums leaders to speak...
By Susan Spero
As you enter the gallery spaces in the new Exploratorium building on Pier 15 in San Francisco, a sign with a revolving message bodes you to “get ready to wonder” and “rearrange your thinking.” Camera in tow, I went to see the new digs with my daughter, a former Explainer at the museum.
Was there wonder? Check. My daughter claims that the Exploratorium has never been about the...
By: Adrienne McGraw
Imagine a truly sustainable museum…
It will be for everyone, whether in person, online, or to simply benefit from by its existence in the community
It will be self-aware and systems-aware
It will embrace institutional-wide values
It will lead by example and be trusted
It will possess beauty
It will excel at problem solving and be nimble
It will anticipate outcomes and...
Successful Development Models for University and Public Museums


Jill Hartz, Executive Director, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Greg Polzin, Director, Fundraising & Development, Palm Springs Art Museum Melissa Rosengard, Director of Institutional Advancement, Chabot Space & Science Center
Deidre Sandvick, Director of Development for the Arts, University of Oregon...
by Kristen Olson

"Cutting the pies and cakes at the barbeque dinner, Pie Town, New Mexico Fair"

Imagine a large room, filled with light, buzzing with electric conversations. You hear a shout from across the room, saying "come sit over here!" and someone is waving you over, pulling out a seat to a table. As you navigate through the crowded path of circular tables covered in pieces of paper, you...

Museums as Gifts to Universities: Case Study Magnes to UC Berkeley

How good does WMA get?  Well, check out this session from last year's conference in Portland entitled, "Museums as Gifts to Universities."
It's got fundraising, collections issues, administration, technology, new leaders, drama and networking all wrapped into one...
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What hand will Fate deal your museum?

WMA was pleased to have AAM's Center for the Future of Museums Director Elizabeth Merritt lead two sessions on futurecasting. Now, even though tarot cards were involved in the second session (hey, it was the last time slot of the entire conference--we needed a hook for the audience!), Elizabeth was quick to point out that forecasting the future is not...
by Allyson Lazar
This past Wednesday, the Center for the Future of Museums hosted a lecture/webcast entitled, "Towards a New Mainstream," sponsored in part by Learning Times and, thanks to an anonymous donor, registration was free to all! For those who have not yet participated in a webcast, here's how this one worked:
Up in the top left corner of my screen was a box where first CFM director...
by Allyson Lazar (with hat tip to Ted Greenberg for pointing out the LA Times article)
The new "Survey of Public Participation in the Arts" was released on Thursday by the NEA.

According to a newly released NEA study, museum attendance is down. This may not seem news-worthy--we are in the middle of a recession for heaven's sake! But this December 14 article by Gregory Rodriguez from the LA...


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