On January 15th, session and workshop proposals were due for the WMA Annual Meeting, held later this year in Palm Springs; Restore and Rejuvenate: Our Cultural & Natural Resources.
But what happens after the well-crafted proposals are sent in? Do they go into a vacuum only to hear a yea or ney many months later? Not on your life! One of the reasons why I joined the Program Committee this year...
By: Elizabeth B. Herridge
I started working full time in the arts and cultural sector a decade ago when I moved to Las Vegas.  After attending the annual meeting of the Western Museums Association in Portland last fall, I am still kicking myself for not having become involved sooner!  I had no idea that so many valuable resources would be made available to me as a result of my attendance.
I had...

Museums as Gifts to Universities: Case Study Magnes to UC Berkeley

How good does WMA get?  Well, check out this session from last year's conference in Portland entitled, "Museums as Gifts to Universities."
It's got fundraising, collections issues, administration, technology, new leaders, drama and networking all wrapped into one...
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By Marlow Hoffman
Over the past nine months I have applied to arts administrative positions all across the country, including every city I have never wanted to visit. One of my mentors occasionally reminds me that opportunities abound in Doha, Qatar, but as committed as I am to working in the museum field, there is only so much angst I am comfortable causing my mother in pursuit of my...
I love conference time because it just feels good to be around people who like museums as much as I do, and have dedicated their working life to making museums incredible places for their communities. I have been blessed to be a part of two organizations that hold incredible conferences: the Western Museums Association and the British Columbia Museums Association. In October 2010, I was lucky...
by Stephanie Weaver
We were lucky to have Dr. Falk with us to kick off this year's conference in Portland, and also to be part of a visitor satisfaction panel the following day. If you haven't read his newest book, Identity and the Museum Visitor Experience, here are some highlights:
Dr. Falk's extensive research has found that people have a series of identities that we take on and off throughout...
What hand will Fate deal your museum?

WMA was pleased to have AAM's Center for the Future of Museums Director Elizabeth Merritt lead two sessions on futurecasting. Now, even though tarot cards were involved in the second session (hey, it was the last time slot of the entire conference--we needed a hook for the audience!), Elizabeth was quick to point out that forecasting the future is not...
Thanks everyone who came to Portland.  What a great conference this year.  Let's stay in-touch throughout the year(s).
Thanks for being a part of the Western Museums Association, especially in this 75th Anniversary year.
Click here for some pics from wma2010.
And see you in Hawaii!

While conference attendees sit entranced listening to sessions, members of the WMA board, Conference Solutions and friends are busily preparing for the celebration and business lunch!
Here are some behind-the-scenes shots!

Discussing the stylish WMA umbrellas

Festive Tables

Testing the Podium

We're looking forward to seeing you ALL at 12:30!
by Allyson Lazar

Evening events at conferences are always fun and often inspiring. A much asked topic in the museum field is that of how to handle contemporary (read: relevant) controversial topics in society. The 2005 Muse Award-winning Modern Oregon Issues segment of the Oregon My Oregon exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society tackles that question head-on--along with a menu of controversies...


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