The Western Museums Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting will be held on October, 6-9 in Portland, Oregon, in partnership with the Oregon Museums Association. With the theme of FORWARD, the 2022 Annual Meeting will focus on the ways museums can be adaptable, FORWARD-thinking institutions.
If you're joining us for the 2022 Annual Meeting, but have never been to Portland, there is much to know about...
2019 Leadership Award Recipient Janet Gallimore (center), with
(L-R) WMA Executive Director Jason B. Jones and WMA President Anne Rowe
WMA Leadership Award
The WMA Leadership Award recognizes and acknowledges outstanding lifetime achievement in museums and/or a museum-related field. The Award is presented at the WMA Annual Meeting to a museum professional with more than 20 years in the field...

2019 Impact Award Recipient Tricia Canaday (center-right) with (L-R) WMA Executive Director Jason B. Jones, past WMA Board President Anne Rowe, and WMA Board Member / VP of Programs and Innovations at Thanksgiving Point Lorie Millward
WMA Impact Award
The new WMA Impact Award recognizes an individual’s work on a specific project or program, efforts to bring about organizational change, or...

The Hilton Portland Downtown is the headquarters hotel of the Annual Meeting
The Hilton Portland Downtown is located in the heart of Portland's city center financial and entertainment districts. The Hilton's central location is within blocks of downtown Portland's best restaurants such as Jake's Famous Crawfish and Higgins Restaurant and Bar. Upscale shopping is nearby at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth...
2019 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipients
Wanda Chin Professional Development Program
Since 1997, the Wanda Chin Professional Development Program helps to make attendance at the Western Museums Association’s (WMA) Annual Meeting financially accessible to individuals who might otherwise not be able to attend. Funded through annual auctions and donations, the Wanda Chin Professional Development ...
The 2019 Charles Redd Award was presented to Dana Whitelaw (right-center) for the
High Desert Museum's Desert Reflections: Water Shapes the West 2019 exhibition. Pictured here with (L-R) WMA Executive Director Jason B. Jones, past WMA Board President Anne Rowe, and past WMA Board Secretary Michael Fiegenschuh.
The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Award for
Exhibition Excellence
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