Measuring Museum Social Impact


Emily Johnson, Field Services Manager, Utah Division of Arts & Museums
Dean Watanabe, Vice President and Deputy Director, San Diego Zoo
Dan Keeffe, Director of Learning & Engagement, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Lorie Millward, VP of Possibilities, Thanksgiving Point Institute
Michelle Mileham, Ph.D., Project Manager, Measurement of Museum Social Impact & Accessibility Coordinator, Utah Division of Arts & Museums


  • Community Engagement

A national research study, Measurement of Museum Social Impact (MOMSI), is working to create a survey to help museums measure their social impact. In this session, hear about the study, its history, and the forthcoming toolkit; preliminary social impact data from MOMSI host museums; and host museum perspectives on how to recruit participants through an equity lens and use social impact data for master and strategic planning, advocacy, and community engagement.