Multimedia Forum

Presentation | 2017: Edmonton, Alberta

This multi-disciplinary panel will share how their partnership challenged them to discover the math in something significant to their organizations – a craft, photograph, or an auction. This project pushed the panel to find commonalities with atypical partners, unify under a concept, and...

Video | 2016: Phoenix, AZ
Embedded thumbnail for Westmusings 2016: Noelle Kahanu

Noelle Kahanu

Assistant Specialist, Public Humanities & Native Hawaiian Programs Department of American Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Under a Jarvis Moon: Contemplating the Personal and Professional

Noelle's WestMusings follows her journey from finding her grandfather’s 1937 logbook in the...

Video | 2016: Phoenix, AZ
Embedded thumbnail for Westmusings 2016: Jaclyn Roessel

Jaclyn Roessel

Education and Public Programs Director at the Heard Museum

Power of the Confluence: Co-creating Fluid Community Partnerships
Jaclyn’s WestMusings focuses on the reverence many indigenous communities have for the confluence of two rivers and how that can inspire greater community engagement...

Video | 2016: Phoenix, AZ
Embedded thumbnail for Westmusings 2016: Niki Ciccotelli Stewart

Niki Ciccotelli Stewart

Chief Engagement Officer at Crystal Bridges Museum

The Crooked Path 
Niki has worked in the arts for more than twenty years, as an artist, educator, and administrator. Niki's WestMusings reflects on her "wonderfully crooked" career path and what she has learned from her non-linear...

Video | 2016: Phoenix, AZ
Embedded thumbnail for WestMusings 2016: David Stroud

Dave Stroud

Director of Interactive Exhibits at Thanksgiving Point

In his WestMusings, Dave shares how his recycling hobby of cutting up and reassembling castoff bicycles revealed much more than just eye-catching art vehicles, it affected his relationship to everything.