Recycling and Reusing Archival Materials and Museum Furniture


Katie Fleming, Gallery Manager and Education Coordinator, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Lisa Schmidt, CultureNut Ambassador, CultureNut Xchange
Barbara Hanson Forsyth, Senior Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, Mingei International Museum


Rachael Faust, Manager of the Artist Initiative, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


  • Collections

Have you completed a collections move and found yourself left with a plethora of foam, polyester fiberfill, and boxes that you would happily share with another institution? Or maybe you’re moving out of storage space or just closed an exhibition and have furniture you can no longer use? Repurposing archival materials and museum furniture takes time and effort, which is often not built into our job descriptions.

As stewards of cultural heritage, we must be conscious of protecting our environment by not creating unnecessary waste. This presentation will focus on creative and efficient ways to share unwanted goods through community resources, furniture vendors, social media, and online classifieds.