The WMA 2018 Annual Meeting will feature a great selection of workshops and sessions that will help you learn more skills and gain insights about the business aspects of museums. If you are interested in development, marketing, or membership, consider planning your schedule to include these offerings. 
9:00 am- 4:00 pm Small Museum Legal Tool Kit
11:00 am-12:15...
By Miriam Works
A first glance at the Western Museums Association 2013 Annual Meeting Program
If you’re looking for a proven avenue to earn revenue while engaging and educating visitors, look no further than your museum store. A well operated store that is thoughtfully designed and laid out and stocked with skillfully displayed, mission related merchandise is a valuable tool for deepening visitor...
By Renee Montgomery While seemingly mundane and innocuous, insurance certificates require oversight and attention. Insurance certificates are exchanged for loans as confirmation that insurance is indeed in effect. They’re not a legal agreement, though, so it’s important that the loan contract itself include language that the borrower is responsible to insure, as well as cite all conditions of...
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