By Michaeleen Gallagher
When Sunnylands Center & Gardens opened to the public in 2012, the programs department was in uncharted waters. We had to build from the ground up. This created challenges both in being a new institution and wanting to be accessible and relevant to many audiences.
One area of particular concern was how to serve the young professionals in the desert. They occasionally...
By Jennifer Miller
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a long hall, but not too long. Around you, you can hear the lapping of water against the shore, birds calling, an airplane flying over in the distance. The end of the hall is darkened save for a projection of a passing shoreline taking up the entire wall. You think you recognize it but you’re not sure. It draws you in with the slow,...
By René de Guzman
A first glance at the Western Museums Association 2013 Annual Meeting Program
Drive On! !, the theme of the Western Museums Association (WMA) 2013 Annual Meeting, implies urgency and risk-taking. It suggests alignment with the present and future. It describes that moment just after a considered pause when we focus ahead and enter the difficult terrain before us, having faith...
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