By James G. Leventhal
In its inimitable first-class volunteer fashion...and to celebrate the blogsite westmuse's first year birthday, the Western Museums Association has a new look!
Oo, you gotta love a "new look and feel."  Here's a big thank you to the logo's designer Nicole Trudeau.  Trudeau has also designed the forthcoming 75th Anniversary program for Portland.

California Video at the Getty...
by James G. Leventhal
Man, as I look back over 75 years of the Western Museums Association, it makes me think of museum programs and exhibitions that I've seen...and those I've missed.
A show I REALLY wished I'd seen was California Video at the Getty from 2008.  A "Golden Oldie"?  Man, that've been golden for sure, but maybe not an "oldie"?
Do you have a favorite exhibition to mention?  Seen or...
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