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Plans are underway for a spectacular joint conference bringing together two amazing organizations to provide a dynamic and groundbreaking professional development experience in two years.
The Western Museums Association and the California Museums Association will be collaborating to bring together museum professionals in Los Angeles in 2020 and we need you to help us in the planning.

Our short...
By Lauren Valone
As a recent transplant to the greater Los Angeles (LA), California area, I am surrounded by some of the most well respected institutions in the world. At the same time, I’m also surrounded by Hollywood and tourism. I find myself at an intersection of the high- and low-brow, kitsch and sophistication, recognized ivory towers and uncompromising realities. A perfect example: I live...
This year the Western Museums Association (WMA) received a number of well-qualified nominations for the 2013 Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Award for Exhibition Excellence.
Nominees included the Anchorage Museum True North, Craft & Folk Art Museum This Is Not A Silent Movie: Four Contemporary Alaska Native Artists, Fullerton College Centennial Legends and Legacies: The First 100...
Reflections on the Arrival, Preparation and Display of Space Shuttle Endeavour
By Kenneth E. Phillips, PhD
A Spaceship for all of us
With its arrival at Los Angeles International Airport on September 21, 2012 the Space Shuttle Endeavour began its longest and perhaps most socially important mission ever—inspiring millions of young people to be the very best in whatever they choose to do.
By Sharon Sekhon
The LA History Archive – the Studio for Southern California History's online portfolio.

The Studio for Southern California History (Studio) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to critically chronicling and sharing the region's social history in order to foster sense of place. The Studio achieves its mission through participatory programming like our internship program with...
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