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Presentation | 2019: Boise, ID

Studies show that $9 trillion in assets will be passed in the U.S. from Baby Boomers to Gen X and millennials by 2027. It is imperative that fundraisers plan thoughtfully for this transfer of wealth because great opportunity exists to secure planned gifts. While many nonprofits focus on immediate funding needs, museums are in a unique position...

Video, Presentation, Article | 2015: San Jose, CA
| 2015: San Jose, CA

By Alexa Beaman

This post was written by a recipient of a Wanda Chin Scholarship to attend the 2014 Annual Meeting

As a University of San Francisco Museum Studies Graduate Student with interests in leadership, education, and mobile engagement, the Western Museums 2014 Annual Meeting and Wanda Chin...

| 2015: San Jose, CA

By Julie Decker

The changes affecting the landscape and the lifeways in the North have brought increased attention to and interest in the Arctic, ranging across science, art, literature, geopolitics, and cultural history. While persistent darkness and extreme cold will remain, the melting of the ice mass in the Arctic represents, to many...

Presentation | 2014: Las Vegas, NV


Find out how your local elected officials are doing when it comes to issues affecting museums and other nonprofit organizations and how you can best leverage your influence with them. This session summarizes the congressional delegations of each WMA state, identifies key players on key issues, and discusses local opportunities to...