Multimedia Forum

Presentation | 2019: Boise, ID

Studies show that $9 trillion in assets will be passed in the U.S. from Baby Boomers to Gen X and millennials by 2027. It is imperative that fundraisers plan thoughtfully for this transfer of wealth because great opportunity exists to secure planned gifts. While many nonprofits focus on immediate funding needs, museums are in a unique position...

Presentation | 2018: Tacoma, WA

Through exhibits and programs the Las Cruces Museum System, the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum, and the University of New Mexico Art Museum have encouraged museumgoers to think about social justice and the role civic engagement plays in achieving it. Panelists will discuss the complexities of exploring challenging subject matter...

Presentation | 2018: Tacoma, WA

In an age of burnout and overstimulation, how can you inspire others if you haven’t taken care of your own needs? Yes, your work is important, but so are you! In this participatory session, learn tips and tricks for self-care. #trending

Presentation | 2018: Tacoma, WA

The Wanapum Band of Priest Rapids values museums as a place to protect, preserve, and perpetuate their culture, traditions, and identity as they walk in two worlds. Voices of those from the past and those in the present speak to future generations. This session examines the collaborative effort between the Wanapum and the Grant County Public...

Video, Presentation, Article | 2015: San Jose, CA