It feels like at this point, we all practically have toilet paper coming out of our ears.
Over the last few weeks, we've all been emptying store shelves and stockpiling hordes of toilet paper in our homes. But rather than simply recycling all of those cardboard rolls and letting them go to waste, why not flex your creative skills and use the rolls in a fun museum-inspired art project?
For all of...
So, you’re months into #QuarantineAtHome and you have already been burrowing your way through the ever-expanding streaming universe. Yet, somehow, after endlessly swiping through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and every other streaming service out there, you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.
Well, to help make your movie selection process easier (or maybe more difficult… sorry), WMA has...
While there will be many great sessions and workshops, plenty of networking opportunities and a wide-variety of ways to celebrate the museum profession at WMA's 2018 Annual Meeting, we know that fantastic Evening Events are for many attendees the highlights that remain the longest with them.
Who doesn't like a party at a museum? 

When you register for WMA 2018 before June 30, you will be entered...
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