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Here, you'll find a list of pertinent, upcoming webinars and previously recorded shows. Presented by key industry experts and organizations, these webinars and events are definitely worth checking out.



Tune in this week for...

Virtual Teacher Professional Development – EdCom Professional Network, Tuesday, December 1 @ 10am PT

Self Care & Stress Reduction: Gentle Movement, Breathwork & Meditation – AAMC Foundation, Tuesday, December 1 @ 11am PT

Reimagining the Future of the Arts – The Wallace Foundation, Wednesday, December 2 @ 10am PT

A Conversation about Race and Museum Practice Session #4 – MAAM, Wednesday, December 2 @ 3pm PT

ReMuseum 2020: DEAI In Action – California Association of Museums, Thursday, December 3 @ 12noon PT

Essential Work in the Cultural Field: Mental Health – MANY & Museum Hue, Friday, December 4 @ 9am PT


Tune in next week for...

Takeaways from 2020 and the Future of Membership – Cuseum, Monday, December 7 @ 12noon PT

Lessons & Reflections from 2020 in Alumni Relations – Cuseum, Tuesday, December 8 @ 11am PT

Digital Engagement Series #1:Digital Collaboration: Context and Needs – AAMC Foundation, Wednesday, December 9 @ 9am PT

Fair Pay in a Time of Crisis: Fighting for Wage Equity and Transparency in Museums – Cultural Connections, Wednesday, December 9 @ 4pm PT

ReMuseum 2020: Marketing Now – California Association of Museums, Thursday, December 10 @ 12noon PT

What is the History Leadership Institute? – AASLH, Thursday, December 10 @ 12noon PT

Heritage Skills Workshop: 19th Century Watercolor – Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, Saturday, December 12 @ 11am PT


Tune in later December for...

ReMuseum 2020: Moving Forward – California Association of Museums, Thursday, December 17 @ 12noon PT

Wellness Webinar Series: Nourishing Body & Soul – AAMC Foundation, Tuesday, December 21 @ 9am PT



In case you missed out, here are some webinar recordings worth checking out.

Webinars on Civic Engagement

Justice Now: What Would a Truth and Justice Commission Look Like in America – ICSC

Beyond Statements: People Power – AAMC

Beyond Statements: Taking Action – AAMC & Art Fund

Webinar Short: Definitions of Justice – ICSC

Museum Think Tank: Cultural Organizations as Incubators for Social Impact – Cuseum

COVID-19 and Vulnerable Populations  – ICSC

AASLH Conversations: Monuments and Memory – AASLH

Understanding Crisis Through a Transitional Justice Lens – ICSC


Webinars on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility

Publishing: Incorporating DEIA Principles – AAMC

Moving Forward with NAGPRA virtual workshop – Oregon Museums Association

Lunch & Learn: How XR Experiences in Museums Can Support DEAI – CAM

Taking a Moment: Reflecting on Our DEAI Responsibilities – AAM's Independent Museum Professionals Network

What Next? Perspectives on the Future of Divisive Monumets – ICSC

Inclusivity in Isolation – AAAMC + Foundation and the Association of African American Museums

What's on your mind? DEAI and Creating Real Change – MAAM

Striving Towards an Equitable Future: Addressing Systemic Injustice as a Cultural Organization – Cuseum

Whose Hero? New Perspectives on Monuments in Public Landscapes – ICSC

Diversity & Community Support in Membership & Visitor Services – Cuseum


Webinars on Reopening

How Can Nonprofit Arts Organizations Plan for the Future with So Many Unknowns? – Wallace Foundation

New World, New Experiences for our Cultural Institutions – LGA Architecture

Reshaping Exhibitions in a Socially Distanced World – AAMC

Membership Mondays: Preparing Your Team for the New Normal – Cuseum

Navigating Challenges & Setbacks During Reopening – Cuseum

Considerations for Re-Opening and Staying Connected with Your Staff, Patrons, and Mission – BlackBaud

Small But Mighty: Navigating the New Normal as a Small or Mid-sized Museum – Cuseum

Looking Ahead: Sustainability Adding Value to Reopening - AAM's Environment and Climate Network

Children’s Museums Surviving the Pandemic: A Discussion with Three Children’s Museum Leaders - ACM

Security & Safety Considerations for Restaffing & Reopening Our Cultural Institutions - Part 3: Preparing to Reopen to Visitors – IFCPP


Webinars on Membership + Visitor Experience

Closing out 2020 Strong with End-of-Year Planning and Initiatives – Cuseum

2020 End-of-Year Strategy in Alumni Relations – Cuseum

Membership Mondays: Exploring New Membership Models & Trends – Cuseum

Museum Think Tank: Examining Membership and Loyalty – Cuseum

Membership Lightning Talks: Launching New Initiatives & Benefits in Museum Membership – Cuseum

Webinar Recording: Re-Opening with Contact-Free Visitor Experiences – Culture Connect

Membership Mondays: Re-Engaging and Re-Welcoming Members After Coronavirus Closures – Cuseum

The Onsite Member Experience After Coronavirus Closures - Cuseum

AASLH Conversations: Local Advocacy Matters - AASLH

Virtual Memberships: Creating Digital Benefits & Virtual Access for Members - Cuseum

The “Contactless” Future: Reimagining the Visitor Experience in the Era of Coronavirus - Cuseum


Webinars on Marketing + Communication + Digital Engagement

Digital: Income Stream or Accessible Outreach – AAMC

Alumni Engagement in the Era of Coronavirus – Cuseum

Interpretive planning for a pandemic – Oregon Museums Association

Membership Marketing, Audience Shifts & Community Engagement after Coronavirus - Cuseum

How Museums Can Experiment with Social Media to Boost Audience Engagement During Coronavirus - Cuseum

How to Discuss COVID-19 Digitally - International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Thinking Outside the Box to Reach Audiences Inside Their Homes - Cuseum

Create Your Own Media: Communications Strategies for Challenging Times - International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Digital Engagement at Your Museum During COVID-19 - Culture Connect


Webinars on Supporting Communities + Educators

Connecting with your Community through Collections – CatalogIt

Decolonizing the Future: Education, Resilience and Challenging Myths – ICSC

Supporting Communities with Digital Programs During Coronavirus - Cuseum

Supporting Schools & Educators as a Cultural Organization – Cuseum

Collaborating on Virtual Educational Programs During Coronavirus – Cuseum


Webinars on Administration + Finances

Understanding NFP Finances – AAMC Foundation

Foundations & Funding: Changes in Philanthropic Giving During COVID-19 – Cuseum, WMA, OMCA, 4Culture, + Global Philanthropic

Museum Lightning Talks: Generating Revenue Through Digital Content & Virtual Experiences – Cuseum

Accounting Tips for Nonprofits during COVID-19 era – MARCUM Accountants & Advisors

Finding Support: Cultural Programming in Challenging Times – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

Revenue Generation Strategies for Your Museum During Coronavirus: Lessons from the Private Sector – Culture Connect

SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Issues for Museums and Libraries – IMLS

Tips for Financial Well-Being During Closures – Association of Midwest Museums

A Possible New Future for Internships and Fellowships – Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC

How to Manage a Remote Internship Program at Your Museum – Cuseum


Webinars on Self-Care + Mindfulness

Some Good Museum News – MAAM, AAM, WMA, NEMA, SEMC, MPMA

The Welcome Brigade: Self-Care for Front-Line Workers at Museums – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

Self Care In Stressful Times | Navigating Transitions Discussion – Leap to Success

Self Care In Stressful Times | Creating New Beginnings – Leap to Success

Stronger Together: COVID-19 Webinar Series - Self-Care and Sites of Conscience – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Simple Mindfulness Exercises – Association of Midwest Museums

Yoda-vation Session – Association of Midwest Museums

Women and COVID-19 International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

Self Care Webinars – Leap to Success


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